You can use powder to prevent itching

Excruciating itching

Externally, Wecesin can be used several times a day to dry out and relieve the itchy rash® Powder (Weleda; contains ethanolic extracts of arnica, calendula and echinacea as well as quartz and antimony) are sprinkled on the vesicles [8, 9]. Alternatively, Combudoron® Gel (Weleda, ethanolic extracts from Arnica montana and Urtica urens) or Imlan® Cream (betulin) can be applied. If the oral mucosa is heavily infested, the oral balm Wala (anthroposophic medicine) is used, for care for remaining scars, the scar gel Wala (anthroposophic medicine), which can be applied twice a day for up to four weeks. Sitz baths with added chamomile or Quercus essence (Wala) diluted 1:20 can relieve itching in the vaginal area in girls. If bacterial superinfections occur, the use of local antibiotic creams (e.g. Fucidine®) or, if the disease progresses, it may even be necessary to administer antibiotics internally. In less severe cases, baths or dabbing with diluted calendula essence are used [8].


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