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Tram networks usually promise easy navigation of the city for tourists - and Helsinki is no exception! In addition to an extensive tram network in the city center and the adjacent suburbs, the city also offers convenient bus and subway lines. Tickets can be transferred between all means of public transport, making them the best option for getting from A to B. Taxis are overpriced and not recommended. Although there are bike lanes, these are more suitable for locals than tourists, as there are a few things to consider such as complicated routes, weather-related challenges and the sharing of paths between cyclists and pedestrians. In addition to access to some of the city's best attractions, the Helsinki Card also gives you free use of public transport.

Weather and the best time to travel

It is said that the light in Helsinki is different and with good reason: Depending on the season, Helsinki shines, shimmers, glows and burns in all the colors of the rainbow. From vibrant greens and blues in spring to snow-capped glassy winter, Helsinki is worth visiting all year round. Since Helsinki is one of the northernmost capitals, it never gets particularly warm. In summer the temperatures hardly climb above the lower 20 degrees, in winter it can get down to -10 ° C. This is why the majority of travel guides recommend a visit in the short (but wonderful!) Summer, although locals even recommend the spring time. Those who are not afraid of the cold should visit Helsinki for a white Christmas ... but please don't forget your thermal clothes!

Big city energy meets old-world charm

Cosmopolitan yet cozy, Helsinki is something of a well-kept secret. The capital of Finland is historic yet an unabashed hipster with a mix of neoclassical architecture and lively festival and food culture, as well as damn good coffee. Although the Nordic neighbors often refer to the Finnish language as an 'incomprehensible chatter' with a wink, there is no reason to fear a language barrier: the residents have excellent English skills and a respectable understanding of the Swedish language. Whether you're visiting one of the archipelago's neighboring islands, frolicking with wild reindeer, visiting one of the world's most unique stone-carved churches, or trying the city's culinary delights, Helsinki will take your heart by storm.

What to do in Helsinki in 3 days

Church architecture redefined

No matter how many beautiful churches you have already seen all over the world, there has never been one like this one. Temppeliaukio Kirkko is an architectural marvel: a church carved directly into the rock, with 360 degrees of light coming through the pews from the vaulted ceiling. If you only have time to see one attraction in Helsinki, then go for this one. A number of live music concerts are also held at Temppeliaukio Kirkko. Check out the program before your visit.

See the highlights at your own pace

The hop-on hop-off tour bus shuttles between 18 of Helsinki's most popular attractions such as the Sibelius Monument, Helsinki Museum, Botanical Gardens, Temppeliaukio Church and even a Finnish sauna in Löyly. Enjoy an audio tour (available in ten languages) and hop off anytime along the route for a closer look. As a bonus, you can combine your bus ticket with a relaxing boat trip to the historic Suomenlinna sea fortress and Helsinki Zoo on the island of Korkeasaari.

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