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international RARITIES Volume 7 First Day Cover 6 th of May 1840


1 international RARITIES Volume 7 First Day Cover 6 th of May 1840 CG


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5 AUCTION No.22 8th - 12th of May 2012 international RARITIES Volume 7 1

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7 Dear friends of the auction house Gärtner, in our May 2012 auction you will discover an amazing wealth of philatelic rarities and valuable items from all over the world. In 2010 we faced the challenge of giving the extraordinary range an exclusive framework, and this is how our new catalog series of rarities was born. After the response to the last six volumes was extremely positive, we are hereby continuing this series of publications. Let yourself be inspired by the crème de la crème of the lots that we are auctioning in our 22nd auction. Take the opportunity to see rare top pieces from international philately shining in your own collection soon. My staff and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about philately and the auction. With best regards, Dear philatelic friends, I am very delighted to present you the seventh volume of International Rarities on the occasion of the May 2012 Auction. You remember in 2010 it was not only a pleasure but a challenge for me to start the edition of the new catalog series Rarities. Now the great response of the six volumes encouraged me to continue. So you will fi nd a very special selection of fantastic stamps and covers as an extract of the more than lots offered in the 22nd auction. Enjoy this concentration of outstanding jewels of international philately. Benefit from this opportunity. Who knows whether there will be a second chance? We are always pleased to be at your assistance concerning all your philatelic questions. Kind regards Christoph Gärtner 3

8 22nd AUCTION Auction Schedule We look forward to welcoming you to our auction hall: We are looking forward to welcome you in our auction hall: AUCTION AUCTIONEER: Christoph Gärtner Tuesday / May 8, 2012 Tuesday / 8 th of May 2012 SINGLE SINGLE LOTS from 9.30 am 9.30 am Wednesday / 9th May 2012 Wednesday / 9th of May 2012 SINGLE LOTS from from from from from from from 9.00 am 9.00 am am 2.00 pm 2.30 pm 3.00 pm 4.00 pm ASIA special auction / ASIA Special-Auction Thematik / Thematics Übersee / Overseas A - Z Air, Zeppelin & Ship Mail Worldwide Europe / Europe A - C Denmark Lambrecht Collection Europe / Europe D - N Thursday / May 10th 2012 Thursday / 10th of May 2012 SINGLE LOTS from from from from 9.00 a.m. 9.00 a.m. p.m. 2.00 p.m. 2.00 p.m. Friday / May 11, 2012 Friday / 11th of May 2012 COLLECTIONS COLLECTIONS from from from from 9.30 a.m. 9.30 a.m. p.m. 1.00 p.m. Saturday / 12. May 2012 Saturday / 12 th of May 2012 COLLEC COLLECTIONS TIONS from from from from 9.30 a.m. 9.30 a.m. a.m. 2.00 p.m. 4.00 p.m. Europa / Europe O - Z Altdeutschland / German States Deutsches Reich Censorship Post Germany after 1945 / Germany after Übersee / Overseas A - Z Thematik / Thematics Europa / Europe A - Z bequests, wonder boxes, addendum Germany before 1945 / Germany before Germany after 1945 / Germany after Münzen / Coins

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11 Auction No.22 asia 8 th of May 2012 The auction sale for the following lots starts in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, at 9.30 am. For detailed information please visit our Auction Schedule on page 4.

12 22 nd AUCTION 50 Bahrain Islands 1934, booklet 1 Anna INDIA POSTAGE brown, mint NH, one stamp missing (totally 15 stamps), otherwise very fi ne, only few booklets known! 16 (booklet with 15) starting price: 2.000, - 95 Brunei 1979, Opening of Ports and Harbors, prepared for use but not issued 12s., 20s., 25s. and 75s. the complete set in very fi ne mint never hinged condition. EXTREMELY RARE, ONE OF ONLY THREE KNOWN SETS AND AS SUCH THE RAREST STAMPS OF BRUNEI. One of the three sets was used for the illustration of Steven Tans catalog. Unlisted in S.G .; ISC, unpriced, Michel XIV - XIX unpriced. XVI - XIX starting price: 2.000, - 8

13 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume China 1885, small dragon 3 Ca. violet, a horizontal strip of four canc. two strikes of vermilion CUSTOMS WUHU 23 MAR 1891, showpiece! 5C (4) starting price: 1,000.00 263 China 1919, postage stamp booklets: No. 6 complete and unexploited in very fresh condition (Chan booklet No. 6; US- $ 9000.-) 149/154 ex starting price: 1.000, - 9

14 22 nd AUCTION 237 China, coiling dragon 10 C. (3) canc. TIENTSIN 22 JUN 03 in combination with russian offi ces 10 K. (strip-3) canc. No. 13 military station 13.VI.03 with russian R-handstamp TIENTSIN (CHINA), transit chinese p. o. CHEFOO 26 JUN 03 resp. russian transit registry label Inkou Polyevaya S.-T. Kontora (Yingkou Field Post Office) to Wesel / Germany, General v. Salzmann and fwd. to Berlin w. 16/7 03 arrival. Rare combination cover with russian military p.o. and early via Siberia combi nation cover. starting price: 2.500, -

15 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume China - Postal stationery 1897, card 1 C. uprated coiling dragon 4 C. canc. intl. dater PAGODA ANCH. 21 JUN 99 in combination with Hong Kong 2 C. rosine (pair) canc. HONG KONG B JY 1 99 also tied by framed.p.o. to Swinemünde / Germany w. arrival, Foochow 6/21 dateline on reverse, scarce I.P.O. of Pagoda p.o. starting price: 1,500, - 537 China - Taiwan (Formosa) 1888, 20 Cash, unperforated single die proof in red-brown, mint NH (hinge b / s in area above stamp), very rare! Wed. 5 P U starting price: 2.000, - 11

16 22 nd AUCTION 404 China - Postal stationery Chinese Imperial Post, third issue REPLY postal card, used from ICELAND with CIP lc and 2c supplementary franking (making up the 4c ​​UPU rate), all canceled at departure by REYKJAVIK circular datestamp, send to Shanghai via Copenhagen () with arrivals of the Shanghai German PO () and Shanghai Chinese PO (), from there it was redirected back to Europe: St Die / France via Shanghai British PO () with St Die () arrival, from there it was again redirected, this time to Paris () its final destination. THIS UNIQUE USAGE FROM ICELAND IS CERTAINLY THE MOST SPECTACULARKNOWN USE OF ANY THIRD ISSUE REPLY CARD, it shows how Chinese imperialstamps used on a reply card were accepted as legal postal payment in even one of the most exotic places in the world. According to the book of Huang, Yuan-Min only one other returned Third-Issue reply card from overseas is know and it was send back from the much less exotic Germany.One can say in general terms that this reply card is one of the most crazy items in existence of Chinese Imperial philately. starting price:, - 12

17 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume China - People's Republic 1951, Tien-An-Men 5 th issue complete set unused without gum as issued, Wed, - 100/05 starting price: 2.200, - 584 China - People's Republic 1953, October revolution Mao Zedong and Stalin 800 $ blue with SOVIET in the description issued in error, very fi ne used with 19th Feb. cds., Rare stamp! Wed, - I starting price: 1,000, - 13

18 22 nd AUCTION 651 China - People's Republic 1962, Mei Lan-fang miniature sheet mint with tiny hinge remains on top, usual gum faults and two tiny spots at left, very fresh color and attractive appearance, fi ne and attractive, a very scarce souvenir sheet for the advanced collection! Wed - Bl. 8 starting price: 4.000, - 14

19 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume China - People's Republic 1962, Mei Lan-fang miniature sheet (108 x 147 mm) very fine used with special First Day pmk., Wed, - Bl. 8 starting price: 3,000, - 15

20 22 nd AUCTION 666 China - People's Republic 1962, Mei Lan-fang complete IMPERFORATED set mint never hinged MNH, Wed, - 648/55 B starting price: 3,600, - 16

21 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume China - People's Republic 1968, poems: fairy cave, Huichang; opera: Mao as sun, Shachiapang; with oil drilling quotation, Mao greeting etc. canc. Peking on air mail cover to Switzerland, impressive franking 955, 980, 997, 1002, 1010, 1018, starting price: 1.200, - 17

22 22 nd AUCTION 806 China - People's Republic 1967, Maos theses (I) gold / red strip-5 plus two red singles (one creased) tied bilingual DAIREN on air mail cover (backfl ap missing) to Denmark, sender Captain of steamer Michael Jebsen , danish s / s co. at Hong Kong, commercial covers are very rare. (T) 966/71 etc. starting price: 2.600, - 845 China - People's Republic 1967 /, Mao greeting (2), Yenan 8 F. (RC), soldier Liu various canc. bilingual CHANGMU on registered cover (R-label Nielamu, opened three sides for display) to Nepal with arrival LALITP (ORE) 4 NOV 68. Usage from remote Tibet p.o., long transit as is. 982, 981 (2), 960 (2) etc. starting price: 1.500, - 18

23 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume China - People's Republic 1967/68, Maos poems 8 F. fairy cave, 10 F. Changsha, Yenan all our literature with Lin Piao, Red Lantern, Mao theses (II) canc. Peking on air mail cover (illustrated hotel envelope) to Switzerland 997, 1007, 1010, 983, 992, 979 starting price: 1.500, - 19

24 22 nd AUCTION 935 China - People's Republic 1967, poems answer to comrade Guo 10 F., a vertical strip of three (pos. 1 with paper remaidners of delivery slip plus rust spot) canc. Shensi Chenyang on reverse of AR-registered envelope (corner fault staple holes) to revolutionary committee Shensi ... rare strip on purely commercial cover 1008 (3) starting price: 1.400, - 20

25 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume China - People's Republic 1968, Mao s five new directives complete set in an unfolded strip of five mint never hinged MNH, Wed, - 1020/24 starting price: 2.700, - 974 China - People's Republic 1968, Mao s five new directives complete set in an unfolded strip of five from lower margin, very fine used, Wed, / 24 starting price: 1.500, - 21

26 22 nd AUCTION 1332 Dubai 1948 (Jan.), PAKISTAN USED IN DUBAI: cover to Bombay franked on reverse with 1a pair and 1 / 2a India KGVI. overprinted PAKISTAN, tied with DUBAI PERSIAN GULF .. cds, Bombay arrival cds alongside. Opening fault at right otherwise fi ne. A scarce cover from this special short period of about 4 months only. starting price: 1.200, - 22

27 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume French Indochina CORR. D. ARMEES HUE 27 AVRIL 78 clear and ideal on single franking with 25 C blue cut and additionally as a secondary cancellation, luxury envelope fresh from the file (address partly with signs of erasure) via Saigon () and Marseille () to Paris () Fra. Col. 19 starting price: 1,500, French Indochina 1892, 25 C. definitive stamp in black, the red coulor completely missing, without gum. Some white spots in the surface, but very rare, with old signature. (Yv. No. 10 a) 10 starting price: 4,200 .-- 23

28 22 nd AUCTION ex French Indochina 1904, definitives, Proofs in 14 different coulors, each in a bloc of 4, without perforation and without gum, as made. Each bloc with two needle holes, as usual proofs starting price: 2.500, - 24

29 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume French Indochina 1906, THADO LAOS 19 OCT 07 very rare two-circle cancellation as posting and cancellation cancellation on 5 C. postal stationery cover with 5 C. additional franking to Hanoi. Transit stamps Cuarao (Oct 21) and Vinh (Oct 25) as well as Hanoi arrival stamp (Oct 26) on the reverse. Marginal tears through the opening, otherwise in very good condition. As far as we know, only one other document with this stamp from Thado is known. Ascher 6 + Wed. 27 starting price: 3,000, Holy-Land 1904, Jaffa paquebot: GB KEVII 1d tied COL VAP. DA with violet PAQUEBOT alongside plus large JAFFA dater on ppc Dame en costume Turc. with Haifa dateline to England, rarity starting price: 1.500, - 25

30 22 nd AUCTION 1482 India - Vorphila 1773 (9th May): part cover with CHICACOLE / POSTFREE boxed; probably the earliest postmark on an Indian cover, extremely rare strike (contemporary of Bishop s mark), submitting biodata of a child and baptism certifi cate; previously unrecorded but in supplement cataloged as HG type A and Giles records period of usage as 1775/1800; but, this is 1773 probably the earliest usage of this postmark and probably even one of the earliest postmarks used anywhere in India. Important reference item. starting price: 3.000, - 26

31 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume India India 1854 Issue To The United States send via forwarding agent in London (18 Apr.) entire letter from an american missionary from Saharanpur (red cds on reverse) via Bombay & Southampton (Bombay 22.4 and London 5.6 transits cds) and addressed via a Liverpool forwarding agent to Philadelphia USA (manuscript arrival june), franked with 1a. The I deep red (3, mainly with margins all round) each neatly canceled with diamond of dots. The 3 annas paid for the inland postage (quadruple rate 1-1.5 tola), the 1 shilling steamer postage was paid at arrival in Liverpool by the forwarding agent who than dispatched the letter outside of the post to the addressee in Philadelphia. Only very few similar covers are recorded where the high transatlantic and US postage fees were avoided. In general India letters were send from England to the US via post (see Jochen Heddergott Grand Prix collection). A POSTAL HISTORY RARITY. BPA certifi cate (2011) SG 11 starting price: 2.400, - 27

32 22 nd AUCTION 1570 India SUPERB MIXED FRANKING BETWEEN LITHOGRAPHS AND GREAT BRITAIN Cover from Bangalore to London franked by two 4a values ​​(5 th printing, Head die III, Frame die II, Position 9 and 3, SG 25) both extremely fine with huge margins all around tied by ideal strike of C10 diamond of dots and London Paid cds of Feb; reverse with Bangalore (25 Jan. 58) departure date stamp and Madras (26 Jan.) bs. On arrival, it was readdressed to Devon and franked with GB d red to pay for redirection. BPA certifi cate (2011) A MAGNIFICENT SHOWPIECE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY. Provenance: this was the front cover item (lot 20726) of the 1997 auction of the Baron von Uexkull Collection of Combination Covers of the World; it realized CHF SG 25 starting price:, - 28

33 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume India 1855 (May 6th), phantastic re-directed cover from MUNICH to Bombay and Neemuch, INDIA, franked at Munich with Bavaria 18 Kr. Orange (very fi ne with large margins including large parts of separation lines) and pair of 1 Kr. rose (cut into) for paying 20 Kr. for PARTIAL RATE to Alexandria via Trieste (9 Kr. from Munich to Trieste, and 11 Kr. from Trieste to Alexandria by the Austrian Lloyd). There the cover was handed to the British P.O. (backstamp), was carried by Overland mail to Suez, with British ship to Bombay (arrival b / s), franked there with lithographed 2a green and re-directed to Neemuch (backstamp). The Bavarian stamps tied with mill wheel cancel 217 to the cover addressed to Doctor Georg von Liebig (the first son of the famous Justus v. Liebig) who came to Bombay 1853 serving for the East India Company. An early, most spectacular and rare cover from Bavaria to India, UNIQUE in this form and mixed franking. (The sister cover from Bavaria but not re-directed with an India stamp was sold recently in Gaertner s 21 st auction for a hammer price (without premium) of, -.) 6 (SG 31) + Bavaria starting price:, - 29

34 22 nd AUCTION 1715 India - official stamps 1948, GANDHI-Official 1½a with SERVICE ovpt, complete sheet of 50, mint never hinged. The original gum with several little stains, otherwise fi ne. A scarce sheet of this special stamp. Certification by RPS. (M) 113 (SG O150a) (50) starting price:, - 30

35 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume India - Airmail 1919 (14/15 Jan.): FIRST AERIAL MAIL GREAT BRITAIN-INDIA: Stampless envelope pre-printed The Y.M.C.A. / With the Egyptian Expeditionary Forces from Karachi to Delhli, re-addressed to Phillour showing special three-liner FIRST THROUGH AERIAL MAIL / GREAT BRITAIN TO INDIA / KARACHI in magenta, with date corrected to 15. by red ink. Four transit and arrival cds s on back (Kashmir-Gate Delhi, Imperial Section Delhi, an indistinct one, and Phillour arrival (23 JAN 19). Few imperfections (short tears at top, horiz. Trace of folding and few stains). ONE OF THE PROMINENT RARITIES OF INDIAN AIRMAIL. Starting price: 5,000, - 31

36 22nd AUCTION 1769 India - Used Abroad ADEN: INDIAN POST OFFICE 124 CANCELLING A MAURITIUS PENCE! Mauritius 1859, Sherwin Issue 2d. deep blue, [position 3] showing some underinking towards the upper right corner, two large margins and two close or just touched, canceled 124 at Aden; small corner crease at upper right and tiny thin in left margin though of good appearance. R.P.S. Certifi cate (1964) states repaired which is invisible and not at all evident. Aden is the only indian post office which is known to have canceled early British Empire stamps, including those of Ceylon and Mauritius. Such classic foreign stamps used at an indian post office a very rare. Only about 5 examples of the Sherwin Issue are recorded bearing this Indian cancellation and they can be regarded as major rarities of this area. S.G. 40, 5,500 (for the normal stamp used in Mauritius) provenance: J.L.F. Croft, December 1962 starting price: 1.500, Irak 1868 (May 8) cover from Basra to Bombay franked by India / 2 anna blue pair, one stamp defective, tied by 357 numeral of Basra (Pround KD2) EARLIEST KNOWN USAGE BY NEARLY A YEAR with single ring BUSSORAH MY 8 68 cds below (D1 third month of use). Bombay arrival cds on reverse.VERY POSSIBLY THE EARLIEST KNOWN COVER WITH POSTAGE STAMPS USED FROM BASRA, a very important Irak and India used abroad cover. SG 54 starting price: 2.000, - 32

37 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Iran 1902, 2 Ch. Definitive stamp for Meched in black with handmade signiture from postmaster Victor Casteign in red, and 10 Ch. Definitive stamp Lion in blue with handcancel overprint PROVISOIRE / 1319, both canceled black MECHED, on reverse of envelope with Transit cancels GAOU- DAN, ASHKABAD, and on the front side MOSCOW, to Rochdale in England. In spite of some faults an very rare cover! 1902, 2 Ch. Postage stamp for Mesched in black with handwritten signature of the postal inspector Victor Casteign in red, and 10 Ch. Postage stamp heraldic lion in blue with black hand stamp overprint PROVISOIRE / 1319, both canceled with black K1 MECHED on the reverse of the letter with passage stamps GAOUDAN, ASHKABAD, and on the front MOSCOW, to Rochdale in England. Despite various defects an extremely rare document! 173 starting price: 2.000, - 33

38 22 nd AUCTION 2040 Japan 1887, Koban 20 sen blue canc. intaglio Y of Yokohama with 20mm REGISTERED 20 JAN 1887 YOKOHAMA alongside, on registered cover with framed violet R to Berlin / Germany, transits SF and NY and arrival 57 (p.o.) From the Bretts & Co. pharmacy correspondence. 50 starting price: 4.000, - 34

39 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Japan - Postal stationery 1873, beniwaku 1 Sen card syll. 1 (vert. Crease, paper reminders on back) canc. framed fancy Banshin ken with on reverse vermilion Harima (province) Kato (district) Niimachimura postal agency via Osaka N1B to Tokyo w. arrival N1B (April 26, 1874), ms. dates 4 th moon 10 th day and vermilion 4 th moon 22 th day dispatched. Frontside bottom left shows plate frameline. amazing card. JSCA PC2 (1) starting price: 1.500, - 35

40 22 nd AUCTION 2189 Japan - special features 1893, Korea: triangular framed GEN. SHIP (seriff type) on UPU card Russia 4 K. (some blurs) canc. Chosen Gensan (Aug. 11, 1893) to Yokohama with Aug. 17 arrival. Senders date on reverse Meiji The triangular framed p.o./ship marks were paquebot forerunners used in japanese ports inc. I.J.P.O. 1886/94. Few are recorded of Gensan (Wonsan) I.J.P.O. Great rarity. Pictured in in The British Journal of Russian Philately No starting price: 2,000, Japan - Specifics 1904, Taiwan, Paquebot Anping: UPU card Japan 4 S. canc. small ANPING TAIWAN JAPAN 21 JUL 04 to Ribnitz / Germany with framed violet PAQUEBOT. Only recorded example of this early anping Paquebot. starting price: 1,500.00

41 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Yemen 1903, Turkey postal stationery card 20 Para red reponse part tied by clear SOCIETA COLONIALE ITALIANA AGENCIA DI HODEIDA, on reverse commercial message written at 4th dec.1903 and oneliner p.p. SOCIETA COLONIALE ITALIANA, transit mark SUEZ, two different arrival marks BARI ITALY on front and reverse, unique showpiece for Yemen, Turkey & Italy postal history, ex Arsman. starting price: 3.000, - 37

42 22 nd AUCTION 2277 Yemen 1935 registered (ms. Number) cover to LACHEN Switzerland (bkstp) franked with b, 3b & 10b tied by spectacular native Huth negative seal handstamps, bkstps of MAOUIA and ADEN, extremely rare cancel, the more so on registered franking including the 10b, F-VF. starting price: 2,500, Korea 1903, Falcon Series, 10 C. blue, printed on thin paper, proof of the French Government Printers. Slightly toned in the bottom margin (4 mm). 39 Proof starting price: 2,700.00 38

43 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Macau 1911, labels 1 A. resp. 2 A. (2) on reverse of mourning cover to Shanghai, MACAU 4-SET.11, HONG KONG 5 SEP ... and SHANGHAI A B.P.O. SP Commercially used mixed franks of the emergency issue are exceedingly rare. I, II (2) starting price: 2,000 39

44 22 nd AUCTION 2628 Dutch East Indies 1845, delivery mark A applied for by country mail. Te betalen port (hds: 216) koper. BATAVIA (hds: 12/4 1846) on folded letter from Bordeaux (dated) via Suez, Ceylon and Singapore to Batavia, Java, due to acidic ink, small flaws within the address, otherwise perfect and fresh extremely fine condition !, photo-certificate Brun & Fils, Paris . Condition I starting price: 4,000, Dutch East Indies 1846, delivery mark A requested by country mail. Te betalen port (hds. 150) duiten BATAVIA (hds: 10 Jan 1847) on folded letter with blue K1 AMSTERDAM 21/11 (1846) and P via Marseille to Samarang, Java, small flaws within the address due to acidic ink, otherwise perfect and fresh cabinet preservation! Condition II starting price: 4,000.00

45 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Dutch India 1932, 50 and airplane HEADSTANDING imprint on 100 C orange together with 75 C on superb registered mail from BANDOENG to Brussels, from there forwarded to Wengen, Switzerland with reverse. Arrival stamps from There are no doubt only very few documents with this headstand are known. AN ABSOLUTE RARITY. Wed. 188 K, SG 16 a starting price: 4.500, - 41

46 22 nd AUCTION 2791 Singapore 1973, partial print sheet containing 8 imperforated panes for the flower booklet of 1973, there are four 5 c stamps (Coleus blumei), four 10 c stamps (Vinca rosea) and two 20 c stamps (Licuala grandis) and a mail order text in each pane, the print sheet is gummed and shows color bars and the complete set of traffi c lights, 80 stamps in all, an extraordinary item for your collection. (Scott # 190a with 4 # 190, 4 # 191 and 2 # 193) (MS) MH 193/94, 196 U starting price: 2.500, - 42

47 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Syrien Russian Company for Steam Shipping and Trade (ROPIT), 1865 First Issue (10pa.) Brown and blue, a vertical pair (type 2, 9) from the top of the sheet, outer frame line just touched at upper -left but showing dividing lines on other sides and a small portion of the adjoining stamp at foot, leaving the lower stamp superb in every respect, tied by blue lozenge of dots cancellation to entire letter from Mersina (Gerbin & Chamar / Mersina bilingual merchant s cachet) send to Beyrouth (Syria) and canceled at arrival by 783 numeral with PORT BEIRUT backstamp, fi ne and ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT COVERS FROM THE RUSSIAN LEVANT IN EXISTANCE. A comparable cover from this same correspondance (ex Caspary and ex Fabergé collection, sold at Corinphila 1998 for CHF + fees) was illustrated in the catalog of the Monaco 2000 exhibition of world rarities, described as one of ONLY THREE KNOWN COVERS WITH THIS STAMP. Certifi cate Melnikov AIEP (2004) Provenance: Ex Fabergé, January 1940 lot 76; Julius Steindler, March starting price:, - 43

48 22 nd AUCTION 2801 Syrien 1875 folded cover send from Beyrouth to Glaris (Switzerland) franked with Great Britain 2d blue, plate 14 (some toning around the perforations has been colored in blue) tied by numeral and BRIT- ISH POST OFFICE BEYROUTH JA cds in mixed franking with France 30c Cérés pair canceled 5080 showing ALEXANDRIE EGYPTE 6 FEVR 75 datestamp alongside. On reverse transit datestamp of the British P.O Alexandria (6.2.75) and Glarus () arrival. A fine and very rare mixed franking. Signed by the expert Pascal Scheller (Paris). A similar franking sold for 9000 CHF in april starting price: 4.000, Thailand 1889, 1 Att. On 3 Att. Type II mint hinged with new gum, fine and extremely rare, only 120 printed, important rarity of Siam philately, Michel catalog value , - 17 II starting price: 3,000, - 44

49 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Thailand - postal stationery 1905, 4 atts. blue letter card used uprated with 5 x 4 Atts., 2 Atts. & 10 atts. on reverse clear cancellations including bamboo chop (transit), written in Sung Noen, to Germany with large boxed AR, scarce Avec-Reponse usage, at arrival redirected and Aachen arrival mark, light gum toned at reverse, few tiny pin holes, very attractive and scarce rate! starting price: 1.500, - 45

50 19th AUCTION 46

51 Auction No.22 Thematics 9 th of May 2012 The auction sale for the following lots starts in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, at 9.00 am. For detailed information please visit our Auction Schedule on page 4.

52 22 nd AUCTION 3511 Thematic Philately ANTARCTICA: 1911 Südpolar-Expedition von Wilhem Filchner, registered mail (reverse upper flap missing) with lower left red expedition stamp and purple line postmark Polarschiff Deutschland Süd- Georgien Gryviken 10 December 1911 with two Falkland Island stamps 2 1 / 2 pence gest. SOUTH GEORGIA DE via London to Hamburg (reverse arrival St), very rare expedition letter, certificate with photograph Eichele (T) starting price: 2,500, thematic philately UHREN Switzerland 2003: stamp booklet station clock UNPROTECTED on three sides, each only between the two units vertically separated, ie all stamps are imperforated on three sides, certificate with photograph Eichele, SBK, - (T) SBK 1108Ab.01 / var, Mi. 1862U / var. starting price: 2,000.00

53 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Thematic Philately KINDER / CHILDREN: INDIA 1953, Child Care 4a Nurse & Babies and 12a Nurse & Child each as six perforated stamp-size essays of different color prepared by the Austrian State printer in Vienna; all affixed in presentation folder; fine and very scarce essays. (M) starting price: 3.000, - 49

54 22 nd AUCTION 50

55 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume 7 Auction No.22 Overseas 9 th of May 2012 The auction sale for the following lots starts in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, at am. For detailed information please visit our Auction Schedule on page 4. 51

56 22 nd AUCTION 4506 Egypt 1868, stampless entire from Smyrna to Chios with a fine strike of a blue boxed bilingual FRANCO of the Egyptian Shipping Company; Filling folds but fi ne and extremely rare. One of only two recorded examples of this cachet on cover. starting price: 3,000, Antigua 1862, 6 d. blue-green, without wm, perf. 14 to 16 compound with 11 to 12 1/2, well centered, splendid copy, fresh color, mint o.g., a tiny more or less natural perforation gap at bottom. A rare stamp! SG 4 starting price: 2.300, - 52

57 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Argentina 1860, Buenos Aires 4 reales green Cabecita, impression borrosa extremely fi ne with wide margins all around tied by oval of dots and clear CORREOS DE BUENOS AIRES 16 ENE 60 c.d.s alongside on envelope send to Montevideo. The single rate to Uruguay, was the same as the domestic postage 8 Reales, in this case being 4 Reales underpaid and not taxed on arrival. An extremely rare single franking of which only fi ve are known and this is THE ONLY RECORDED SEND TO A FOREIGN DESTINATION. Cert. R. Kneitschel, signed Gilbert and Em. Diena. Kn 16. Ex Neuberger, Falzaresi and Henri Gibson. Signed Gilbert, Emilio Diena, certifi cate Rodolfo Kneitschel and Brian Moorhouse. Scott 9 (T) 9 starting price: 3.000, - 53

58 22 nd AUCTION 4695 Australia 1916, Kangaroo 1 chocolate and dull blue 3rd wmk. mint never hinged MNH with pencil signature, SG (BW. 52 A, A $ 7,000) SG. 44 starting price: 1,200, Australia 1919, AIR POST dark blue souvenir sheet with margins, mint with original gum, lightly hinged, superb condition, signed Bloch and cert. Friedl Expert Committee, very rare! Wed. I, Sanabr. 1 starting price: 9,000.00 54

59 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume A Barbados 1927, Tercentenary Settlement of Barbados, 7 imperf trial color plate proofs mounted on card, one of the most remarkable colonial proof pages from the Printers archives, very fine and attractive! (M) Proofs starting price: 5.500, - 55

60 22 nd AUCTION 4861A British Guyana, 4c. blue imperf, mint no gum, fresh color and full margins, very scarce stamp, ex Ferrary, certifi cate RPS SG 19 starting price: 1.700, British - Guyana 1856, 4 C black on magenta surfaced paper, very fresh color, right lower side little bias-cut, so smaller margin, all other sides extremly wide margins, with initiated EDW and used with central arabian coasr cds BG A3C 10 MR 1856, in summary a stamp in superb condition! expertices B.P.A., London and P.Scheller, Paris, Sc, - GBP Wed. 10, SG 24 starting price: 5.500, - 56

61 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume 7 ex French Guyana 1947, postage stamps complete set with 6 different motifs, including birds (macaw, toucan, pavican parakeet), pirogue, girl etc. in a total of 17 different EPREUVES d ATELIER in partly different colors all with hs. Release note Bon à tirer (partly for other value categories) as well as red stamp Le Chef du Service des Transmissions Coloniales (different dates), very attractive collector's items and UNIQUE! 233/49 epr. starting price: 6,000.00 57

62 22 nd AUCTION ex French Oceania 1948, postage stamps compl. Set with 6 different motifs including fishing, Polynesian girls, outrigger boat etc. in a total of 19 different EPREUVES d ATELIER in partly different. Colors all with hs. Release note Bon à tirer (partly for other value categories) as well as red stamp Le Chef du Service des Transmissions Coloniales (different dates), very attractive collector's items and UNIQUE! 213/31 epr. starting price: 7,000, - 58

63 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume 7 ex Italian Tripolitania 1933, the complete edition for the Italy voyage of the airship Graf Zeppelin, in complete sheets with 50 values ​​each. Besides, the sheet with the 3 lire value (MiNr. 190) with completely missing, vertical, perforation between the right sheet row and the sheet edge! The upper right corner of the sheet is trimmed diagonally and has a brownish discoloration in the margin next to the first stamp with the missing perforation. The further vertical right edge is also slightly brownish in color (2 mm) and has slight creases. All other sheets are also trimmed diagonally in one corner and some have slight edge defects. The stamps are all in perfect mint condition. Catalog value according to Sassone according to the consignor, -. (M) (50) starting price:, - 59

64 22 nd AUCTION 5210 Italian Tripolitania 1933, 7th sample fair Tripolis 75 cents as a corner-edge block of four with DOUBLE PRINT on the lower stamps and misprint on the upper stamps, caused by brief two changes of direction of the printing roller during the printing process, mint never hinged, rubber with yellowish spots on the reverse , UNIQUE in this form! 185 DD (2), 185 F (2) starting price: 3,000, Virgin Islands 1888, 4 d. on 1 sh. black and rose-car, splendid copy of fresh color and well perforated, clear violet surcharge, on cover with cds. TORTONA AU 1 88 alongside, the stamp neatly tied by Mail Boat canc. A 91, adressed to Jersey with arrival mark on reverse, signed. THE ONLY KNOWN COPY ON COVER! SG 42 starting price: 8,000.00

65 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Virgin Islands 1964, QEII definitives Views and Badge of the Virgin Islands, handpainted colored Artist s Proof on sheet sized 20: 17.1 cm, showing all denominations, in similar, but slightly differing design, mostly leaving the space for the Queen s head blank. Probably a unique item, attractively colorful and highly decorative! (M) refers to SG 178/92 starting price: 4,000.00 61

66 22 nd AUCTION 5292 Colombia 1863, 50 C. in RED, very scare varity out of the sheet of the 20 C.! Nice copy with full margins, centered canceled by red cancellation, photo-certifi cate from P. Scheller, Paris..without any faults. (Yv. 22a) 21 F starting price: 3,800, Colombia - issues of the BOYACA departments: 1899, 5 c. green, imperforated variety, extremely fine with wide margins all around, tied by purple Boyacá Departmental belt cancel on single rate cover to Sotaquira. According to the Dieter Bortfeldt AIEP certifi cate: ONLY RECORDED COVER OF THIS IMPERFORATED STAMP and one of only 8 covers known from Boyacá philatelie. Certainly one of the rarest areas of the world to find on cover. A most impressive showpiece. Cert. Bortfeldt AIEP. Michel 1 U, Yvert 1, Scott 1b starting price: 2,200, - 62

67 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume Martinique 1886, MARTINIQUE 5C surcharge on 20c red on green, mint original gum, some faults including a diagonal crease that ends as a tear. Nevertheless a very fresh example of THE RAREST STAMP OF MARTINIQUE. According to the Dallay catalog only 25 copies of this rarity were printed, of which about 10 have survived (which makes it rarer than a Blue Mauritius!) Signed Emilio Diena, Pavoille (Paris), certifi cate Pascal Scheller. Dallay 1 III = EUR, Yvert 1B, Scott 2, Michel 1 II Yvert 1B starting price: 6,000, Neubraunschweig 1851, 3d dark bright red on bluish paper, horizontal pair, large margins to very slightly touched at lower right, fi le crease affecting right stamp otherwise very fi ne, tied by mute grill cancels on folded cover (Asa Coy Sept) with matching FREDERICTON SEP cds on reverse, send to Hartford, CT (USA) with Woodstock NB transit backstamp (). SECOND EARLIEST RECORD- ED COVER WITH STAMPS OF NEW BRUNSWICK (the earliest being Sept) AND EARLIEST KNOWN SEND TO THE USA. Vincent Greene certifi cate (1988). Michel 1Ex. Argenti, Foxbridge and Saint collections. Scott 1 starting price: 3.500, - 63

68 22 nd AUCTION Newfoundland - Flugpost 1933, General Balbo -Flight: offical cover Feulle D Avis from ROMA FERROVIA with green special cachet and endorsement I-Teuc (pilot Capt. Guiseppe Teucci) to Cartwright with arrival mark from on front plus two FEUILLE D AVIS documents for Italien mails with special cachet and postmark, fi ne (FF 38 var) (T) starting price: 1.500, -

69 INTERNATIONAL RARITIES Volume New Caledonia 1903, corner block of four 40 C. with sheet cover, thus imprint CINQUANTENAIRE 24 SEP-TEMBRE on the upper stamps only partially printed, on the lower completely missing (therefor on the back of a stamp and the margin of the sheet), upper right stamp with Falzspur, the other three are mint never hinged (upper right margin slightly separated), unique in this form! 74 F (4) starting price: 3,500, Spanish colonies 1899, MARIANA ISLANDS: 6c blue rare block of four, broken and hinge re-attached along central horizontal perfs. Original gum, top pair with hinge thins, bottom pair sound. Fresh, bright color, typical fi ne centering. Exceptionally rare multiple as only 50 examples of the 6c blue were issued. Cat value for four singles. (1985 CEM & undated Onate Certs, Scheller Certificate 2011). Catalog value $ (4) starting price: 7,000.00 65