What are the fitness programs for seniors

Exercise programs for the new youth from 55+

Trust yourself! Even if sport and exercise may have had less space in your life in the past. Right now you have a huge advantage: from 55+ you have been familiar with your own body for a long time and you can either continue or even start over with moderate, regular exercise at any age! It's never too late for that. You can always improve your general fitness, performance and endurance at any best age. A few body shapes should be promoted in favor of the spine with improved support and postural muscles. Generally speaking, staying more active and agile is a very valuable asset with increasing years of life, which is not only immediately noticeable and tangible, it even considerably increases the quality of life and life expectancy.


When the heart, lungs, muscles and joints work together smoothly, people feel most comfortable in their skin. When exercising, the heart muscle is trained regularly and blood circulation is improved. The joints are additionally stabilized by the accompanying strengthening of the cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Evolution has already given us everything "necessary", including the fact that muscle cells can renew themselves again and again into old age. Provided that they receive spirited exercise incentives. So get back into "moving situations" at your own pace - in the truest sense of the word - and enjoy the feeling of new vitality.


- "55plus, there is simply more in it!" -




- Strength and muscle building training 55+: goal-oriented


Please ... don't wrinkle your nose when it comes to muscle building: muscles are the engine for almost all body functions ...


- Improvement of neuromuscular function

- Strength, coordination, flexibility

- Counteract loss of muscle mass

- build up and maintain muscular performance

- Increase muscle strength and endurance

- maintains the elasticity of tendons and ligaments

- Balance, coordination, flexibility and mobility

- personal training planning and individual support

- One-to-one training with a personal trainer possible


- "Muscle training: strength builders for the body!" -




- Cardiovascular training 55+: Effect-oriented


Cardio training pushes the metabolic functions and boosts the overall constitution ...


- positive effect on cardiac output, stimulation of the circulatory system

- The blood flow to the muscles and organs improves

- Metabolic activity is stimulated, cholesterol is lowered and fat is burned

- Resting heart rate, blood pressure and body fat percentage drop

- Heartbeat volume increases, the heart muscle is better supplied with blood

- Improved oxygen uptake, the risk of thrombosis decreases

- Breathing and blood flow to the lungs improves

- With a good blood supply, you are more alert, fitter, and concentrated for longer

- Self-perception becomes more positive, stress is reduced, resilience increases, good mood


- "Cardiovascular training: Pacemaker for the organism!" -




- Nutritional advice and planning 55+: Optimally oriented


Once you have found the new balance, you gain energy and joie de vivre ...


- Determination of the individual energy requirement in order to realign the metabolism

- Adapt energy intake to individual metabolism, hormonal balance and basal metabolic rate

- The need for calories decreases over the years, and the need for nutrients increases

- The best nutrient supply makes bones strong, nerves strong, metabolic activities agile, blood values ‚Äč‚Äčnormal

- eat better and pay attention to high quality food

- Prevent diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases

- Sufficient fluid intake increases performance

- Lose excess body fat, increase fat burning in the long term

- effective weight loss according to sports science methods

- Have any nutrient deficiencies medically clarified


- "Nutrition: fitness for the metabolism!" -




- Stretching and relaxing 55+: needs-based


Soothing stretching exercises to maintain mobility, flexibility and elasticity is a necessary addition for every exerciser, no matter what age ...


- good for the muscles, better flexibility

- faster regeneration after exercise, targeted mobilization

- preventive against injuries, osteoarthritis and disc disease

- good for the joints, more flexible mobility

- more targeted muscular control, more comfortable body feeling

- stimulated metabolic activity

- Eliminates muscular imbalances, improves posture

- good for nerves, increased well-being, mental relaxation


- "Stretching: activator for mobility!" -




- Lectures and seminars 55+: Quality-oriented


You would like to know more about the moving things that go on in your body during exercise, training and fitness ...


- medical and sports medicine lectures or seminars on interesting fitness topics (to be announced)

- Regular appointments for> Personal Fitness Checks

- and the SPORTWELT offers much more ...


- "Knowledge: the initial spark for change!" -