Why is Naruto so emotional


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Hey guys!
So I think an emotional moment doesn't have to be sad.

One that I really like:

When you first think that Deidara blew herself up in the fight against Naruto and Team Gai, even though it was just a paste clone, I was pretty devastated at first. And daaaaaaaaaaann suddenly he comes out of the ground without arms, man, I was happy. I think that was also a really great joyful moment.

Hmmm something else that is incredibly emotional and captivating:

Chiyo and Sakura fight Sasori.

First moment: Sakura throws himself between Chiyo and Sasori when he tries to poke Chiyo with his sword. At first everything gets stuck in your throat and you think: That's how it was with the Sakura. Fortunately not

Second moment: Chiyo uses part of the resuscitation jutsu on Sakura. Meanwhile, she explains that you could bring a doll to life with it and alludes to the fact that she wanted to wake up his dad or mum for Sasori ... But this dream can no longer come true ... Very sad.

Third moment: Sasori dies. He didn't really want to evade Chiyo's attack, however ... Why not? ... Wasn't he completely without feelings? ... Who knows. So he dies and thus Chiyo's grandson dies. I don't think you need to explain why this is an emotional moment ... It's just hard ... Sad ... The end of a family.

Many such moments are hidden in a fight ... small, big, everything. Sad, happy, Naruto is a show that gets you moving.

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