What are the powers of Rinne Sharingan

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

Madara handed it and he floated up into the sky and created several Chibaku Tensei, but these were destroyed by Naruto and Sasuke.

The trough Sharingan on Madara's forehead now opened and he prepared the Mugen Tsukuyomi.

At the same time, huge meteorites tumbled down from the sky as the moon reflected Madara's gutter Sharingan.

Sasuke came back with his Susano and Naruto created seven large bijuu balls.

“Don't worry, with the next blow I will destroy all meteorites at once. As long as the four of you stay here, everything is fine. ", Naruto said to us and Sakura said:" All right! "

The Uzumaki threw the bijuu balls at the meteorites, but Sasuke was suddenly in front of us and pulled us all into his Susano, or enveloped us with his wings.

We felt the earth shaking outside, but were protected here by Sasuke's Susano.

Naruto awoke from his stupor and wanted to get out of the Susano, but Sasuke held him, whereupon the Uzumaki looked at him confused.

"You better stay here, if you leave the protection of my Susano, you are at the mercy of his Genjutus. Don't forget that his shadows are still there too. We both mustn't fall into the trap - otherwise it's all over. ", The Uchiha explained to the blond boy, who looked angrily on the floor.

It took a while until Sasuke took the wings away and with horror we could see what had happened to our comrades and friends.

They all hung on the roots of the tree of gods and they were in a kind of cocoon.

After the Uchiha opened its wings, he made his Susano disappear and we saw that Zetsu was still there - of course he was still controlling Obito's body.

“Looks like this black guy doesn't itch at all. Sasuke, how can we free the others from the genjutsu - any idea? ", Naruto asked, turning to the Uchiha.

He replied, "It was created by a Rinnegan and can be dissolved that way, probably."

"So that means we need Sasuke's left eye.", Kakashi said and we all still looked at Obito or Zetsu.

“But I'll never let that happen. At the end of this day you will be lying lifeless in the dust. ", Zetsu said, but Madara landed in front of him and said:" I, the savior of the world, will take care of that. "

"That eye on my forehead," the teen noticed the third eye on Madara's forehead.

"Watch out, four of Madara's shadow bodies have just surrounded us.", Sasuke warned us and Naruto said: "Obviously."

Madara got up and looked at us confident of victory: “You won't be able to do anything anymore. I've cut the cycle of cause and effect. I separated people from their suffering, their pain and their longings. "

"That's just a damn lie!", Naruto shouted angrily and Madara said: "Naruto, you want to prevent other people from being happy? But why? Take a look at the world in which the Shinobi stopped fighting . I turned this hell into a paradise. I finally made good for Hashirama's mistake! "

“What mistake is the first Hokage supposed to have started? Say it! ", Rin asked the Uchiha in front of us.

“You ninjas from Konoha won't want to accept it, but I'm just telling the truth. Hashirama failed with his reform of the Shinobi world. ", Madara answered her question and he said that he once had the same dream with Hashirama and that his plan to bring peace was just as flawed.