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B2C business definition business to consumer

He loves the B2C business: The hotel boy from HSI Ltd

What is B2C? Definition: business to consumer

The term Business to Consumer (abbreviated B2C or BtC) is of English origin and means the trade relationships between companies and private individuals (consumers), while Business to Business (abbreviated B2B) describes the trade relationships between companies and companies / authorities. In the hotel industry, this relationship becomes clear through the hotel and the guest.

What is B2C? definition

In contrast to B2B business, it is a mass business with small profits per customer that only becomes profitable through the masses. The number of potential buyers of a B2C product is quantitatively much higher, but the order volume per buyer is significantly lower.

The B2C market is THE market for the hotel industry in general. For more information, read B2B-B2C-C2C: which market is driving 'my' hotel?

B2C portal

Typical b2c portals are booking portals such as HRS or review portals such as HolidayCheck.

B2C marketing

B2C marketing describes the marketing of all goods and services to end consumers. Can also be done through the house staff, see

or apply directly to the customer, see

B2C branding

Here the future is ingredient branding, which 'forces' the consumer not to buy products individually, but only as part of another product.


B2C - a technical term in business administration
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