What time of year makes people more productive

Productive into the dark season - with an optimized lighting concept!

Lack of light in the office - a serious health risk!

The dark season hits many employees on the mind and lets the mood slide into the basement. Motivated work and top performance are out of the question. The human body needs light. If this is missing, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders and, in the worst case, depression can occur. Well thought-out workplace lighting is therefore very important so that employees can work healthily and productively. Get the day into the office! Natural light makes a significant contribution to the health, concentration, creativity and performance of employees. Most people, however, spend the few bright hours in the office in autumn and winter. For example, a biodynamic lighting system To remedy the situation. It is based on the natural course of the day and can significantly increase the wellbeing of employees.

As individual as your employees - light sources with intelligent control! In order to optimally coordinate the workplace lighting to employees and processes, intelligent lighting control is clearly an advantage. Waldmann's lighting systems can be networked with buildings and employees and controlled depending on daylight and presence. Communication between individual luminaires using swarm control is also possible - very easy and can be operated using the Waldmann app.

Innovations from Orgatec 2018:

The first homely floor lamp to contain the Visual Timing Light (VTL) for daylight tracking. The VIVA FREE offers biodynamic light to support motivation and efficiency in the office and improves the quality of sleep at night. The lamp can be used individually in all living, office and living areas and creates a beautiful atmosphere. There is a choice of the homely lamp with wooden legs or with a metal base - depending on your taste and furnishing style. It's my light!



Together with our partner Waldmann, we will help you to develop the right lighting concept for your workplace and to create a pleasant working atmosphere! Make an appointment now free consultation or make an appointment for an expert workshop at your location. We look forward to your inquiry!

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