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Neuland Whiteboard Special XL


The new territory The whiteboard range is currently bigger than ever! Now is the right time to become a "white boarder" and to use the whiteboards - in one of our many variants - intensively!

A quick look is enough to recognize the diverse possibilities of our well thought-out tools - and to discover the fun with them:


13 fresh colors ... with new tips

Now New! We have our marker range around Whiteboard marker with a chisel tip expanded. So that you can rely on your easy-to-read presentation writing on the whiteboard as well.
The markers are - with round and chisel tips - in 13 different colors each and also available as a complete set. >> marker

The tools ... everything is very easy
Everything your heart desires can be found here: support with tables, diagrams and organizational structures our ingenious graphic helpers. Everything for order and cleanliness can be found - cleverly combined - in our starter set.

Magnetic board wiper X-Raser
Clean whiteboard in no time - with the X: without fiddling with blotting paper, it has an X-shaped cleaning surface made of wool felt, with which you can get your whiteboard thoroughly and quickly clean.

Magnetic extinguisher
The dwarf among the blackboard wipers is the ideal tool for minor corrections. Like the larger wiper, it can be parked magnetically on the board surface.

Park pens individually on the whiteboard !! With small magnetic holder rings in frost optics. Simply attach it to the Neuland marker and park. It couldn't be simpler any more.

Magnet holder:
Super practical: thanks to the magnetic back, the holder parks 4 of your markers, or adhesive dots, notepads ... within easy reach.

Magnetic compass:
Have you avoided drawing circles so far? Now - thanks to the stylish compass with a strong magnet - it's child's play. A real boon for all types of diagrams that are based on circles.


Magnetic ruler:
Thanks to super strong magnets, you can easily draw straight lines on magnetic whiteboard surfaces. The highlight: due to the distance, none Color of the ruler !! Incidentally, it is also a perfect filing board for markers!

Magnets - three things:
In bright colors or with enormous adhesive force - 3 different magnet variants have your messages firmly under control!

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The hardware ... blackboards, pin boards, foils, ...
Have you decided to work on a whiteboard? We would be happy to show you the possibilities.

Whiteboard blackboards:

  • MagBoard Basic: light magnetic and writing board in different sizes. Can be used vertically and horizontally. >> Link
  • MagBoard LW-M: with the best surface (highly enamelled) and an elegant LW aluminum frame. >> Link
  • Sliding board system LW-S: Depending on the number and type of sliding boards, you can configure your whiteboard (s) - accurate to the centimeter and, if desired, with additional levels: pin board, flipchart and / or whiteboard. >> Link


Combined blackboard surfaces - mobile whiteboards:

  • Pin board LW11-Duo: The combination of classic pin board and magnetic writing board (overleaf). Also available on castors. >> Link
  • FlipChart LW-1 Basic: Can be folded up to save space, light and easy to assemble. The portable flipchart with a magnetic writing surface. >> Link
  • FlipChart B-Vario: A modern column flipchart with sufficient legroom, swivel castors and a magnetic writing surface! >> Link


Mobile whiteboard boards:

  • Whiteboard LW11: The whiteboard board: 2 sides writable and magnetic. Also available on castors. >> Link
  • SwitchBoard: The classic. Mobile whiteboard can be rotated 360 degrees; height adjustable via grid holes. >> Link


Whiteboard films:

Another possibility is that Transparencies for pin boards and flipcharts! Place the foil over the paper and get started with whiteboard markers! Ideal e.g. for working with templates. Work can be wiped off over the template, so that it can always be reused. The advantage: the thick and very hard foils last much longer than thin foils.

For creative, multi-layered work on the Load flipchart also the Static whiteboard pads a. A roll of film is attached to the flipchart and pulled down over the paper. Or they are used individually: because of their static adhesion, they stick to almost any wall surface (without needles or adhesive tape). There is a transparent film as well as a white film. >> Link


Do not forget:SlickyNotes bring new alternatives to whiteboards!

The tips ... to work with fun

  • Before using for the first time the whiteboard should cleaned become. Spray the whiteboard cleaning spray on the surface and gently clean it with an eraser, soft sponge or cloth.
  • Make sure the surface is dry before you start writing!
  • Always use whiteboard markers with dry erase ink. The ink in these markers can be easily wiped off all whiteboard writing surfaces and is also odorless. Our tip: only have whiteboard markers ready by the board, this prevents people from using the wrong pens!
  • Store the markers horizontally.
  • During use, the whiteboard should be cleaned thoroughly with the cleaning spray, preferably once a week. Dirt of all kinds reduces the dry wipeability of the whiteboard. Dirt also hangs in the air. That means: dust, cigarette smoke, fingerprints, candle soot and grease (e.g. if a kitchen is nearby) lay down as a thin, greasy layer on the whiteboard.
    Conclusion: If you haven't used it for a long time, clean it off before writing! Otherwise the color of the pen will hang in the lubricating film, which in turn cannot be dry-wiped off. This leaves smeared paint on the board.
  • The following always applies: Before dry cleaning, always wipe off everything that can be dry-wiped.
  • If permanent markers are accidentally used, clean them with a special cleaner as soon as possible.
    OR: just pick up the nearest dry-erase marker and paint over the places that have been written on with the wrong marker. Then wipe it off immediately with a cloth. Most of the time everything is fine again.
  • Whiteboards should not be cleaned with washing-up liquid, glass cleaner or other commercially available cleaning agents, as this creates a Lubricating film.
  • We recommend purchasing a whiteboard with highly enamelled surface (In any case, hands off any boards with plastic sheeting!). This will bring you a lot of pleasure in your work over the years. The surfaces with a denser coating remain radiant, are easy to clean and look inviting and representative even after intensive use!
  • What stands for a long time goes away worse. Sketches and texts that have dried up for a long time are always difficult to erase and they often stay on for a long time shadow stand. Your advantage when it comes to highly enamelled boards. It is essential to take a cleaning spray and probably use it more than once.

Here we go:
Expand your professional whiteboard equipment!

Do you have anymore questions? We are happy to help!