I deserve really good things

Good things happen to the people who deserve it

Last update: January 24, 2017

Life is like a swing that sways in a field between sun and thunderstorm.

Federico Moccia

Surely fate has a toast for us that implies that we should enjoy our life from morning to night.Good things happen to all of us when we least expect them. They happen to both those who deserve it and those who deserve it less. Because it's not that life is just or unjust, it's just a balance.

We just need to appreciate the good, the beautiful, and the positive in everything that happens to us. That means even the moments to look out for where we are stuck because a stone is in our way.

Sometimes it seems like the bad things pile up

Don't give up, just start again, accept your shadows, bury your fears, get rid of the ballast, take flight again.
Don't give up just because life is the way it is. Continue the journey, pursue your dreams, break away from time, flee from the rubble and head to heaven.

Mario Benedetti

Sometimes it seems like our lives are inundated with catastrophes.To make this clear, we can refer to the ten plagues of ancient Egypt. Ten natural disasters that left no time to breathe.

It is likely that this is more than a feeling and that we actually have to deal with one setback after another. Still, the power that the bad things that happen to us have over our breakdown depends entirely on us.

That means it is in our hands whether we what corner our own existence, being strong and staying on our feet.It is enough to be aware of this pain to understand that if it is something that actually exists, we can also shape fate a little.

Our people, the beautiful people

The best people I have known are those who have experienced disruption, suffering, struggle and loss. Those who found their way out of the abyss. These people have dignity, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, humanity and a loving restlessness. Good people don't come out of nowhere.

It is clear that pain allows us to become aware of the beautiful in the world and in our relationships. This gives us the opportunity to know that there are many things that are not worth fighting for.

The good people learn from the battles of lifebecause it manifests what is really important. With this philosophy they have prevented suffering from taking away their joy and the desire to continue living. They find the impulse they need inside and not in the outside world.

Our existence is like a big screen that projects all kinds of scenes.It may be that the drama is too overwhelming for you from time to time, but you can be sure that there is always a turning point in the script or the end of the film. But after all, there is still something that never goes away: the canvas. In this sense it is what you have left, it is what you really are, while what it projects is what defines you as a person.

We need to be aware that bad moments never completely go away, and that, as difficult as they are to deal with, we can still find a balance if we don't allow grief to overwhelm us. In other words, in the end, our happiness depends on whether or not we accept the way life is going.