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The end of “Dr. House “: The review of the final

The drama series “Dr. House “ended after eight seasons with a spectacular showdown. We look back at the finale of the series.

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The grumpy and socially non-conformist, but ingenious diagnostician Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) saved the lives of numerous patients over 177 episodes - and in the process regularly clashed with colleagues, his superiors or other characters. In this article we examine the ending of “Dr. House ". Beware, spoilers!

The end of “Dr. House “: The last season

At the beginning of the eighth and final season of “Dr. House ”, the protagonist is in jail - the consequence of having a car in the house of his ex-girlfriend (and ex-boss) Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) drove. But his special talents are still needed and so the hospital director Eric Foreman (Omar Epps) has House released on parole in order to resume his position at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

House then quickly struggled again with complex cases of illness and his colleagues, but the biggest conflict of the season consists of the cancer of his best friend Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard). The tumor turns out to be advanced and incurable and Wilson decides against long and unsuccessful treatment. Instead, he wants to spend the remaining five months of his life in freedom and enjoy it to the full.

This is a major blow to House. But in the end he accepts the decision against therapy and plans to stay by Wilson's side for the next five months. However, when a chain of unfortunate events leads to his parole being suspended, he is suddenly faced with a six-month prison lock - so he is unlikely to be released until after Wilson's death.

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The finale of “Dr. House “: The last episode

In the final episode "Last Act: Reichenbachfall" (in the original: Everybody Dies ") House spends his last hours in freedom. He treats a drug addict and uses heroin with him. When he wakes up, he finds himself dazed in a shabby house that is on fire. He hallucinates and struggles with his inner demons and the decision of whether to commit suicide.

Foreman and Wilson reach the burning house a short time later, but House cannot save them. His body is identified on the basis of dental records. A funeral and memorial service follows, but when Wilson starts his funeral oration, he receives a text message from House, who has only faked his death in the house. So he can avoid his prison sentence and spend five months with Wilson's final. In the last scene, the two of them ride motorbikes into the sunset together.

The end of “Dr. House “: Emotional, dramatic and bittersweet

The series finale of “Dr. House “was able to convince both fans and critics. House's relationship with Wilson was touchingly worked out and gained in importance and weight. In addition, the hallucinations in the burning house made it possible to meet old companions like Dr. Lawrence Kutner (Kal Penn) and Dr. Amber Volakis (Anne Dudek) to give one last appearance. The decision not to commit suicide felt like the beginning of a new chapter for House - the greater the consternation was when it looked for a moment that he had died in the fire anyway.

The last shots with Wilson on the motorcycle made for a round and conciliatory end - of course with a bitter-sweet note, because Wilson finally only has five months to live at this point. How it will go on with House afterwards remains open and left to the imagination of the audience.

The end of “Dr. House “: alternatives for all fans

"Dr. House ”has secured a place in the series Olympus, primarily due to its complex main character. If you fancy other, similarly complex characters, we can recommend these three series:

  • "Sherlock": The character Dr. House is based in part on the famous snooper Sherlock Holmes - and the similarities are evident in the British crime thriller.
  • “Suits”: giftedness, moral dilemmas and interpersonal tensions are also in the foreground in the popular lawyer series.
  • "Dexter": Much like House, Dexter does what others can't even imagine ... He's a forensic scientist by day, but a serial killer who hunts criminals by night.

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