Who would win Varda or Vala?

How powerful is Sauron after the ring compared to the pre-ring?

Sauron had the power to transform into various beautiful forms and transform into a werewolf, all of this in the Silmarillion. He also made the rings when Numenor was still in his golden age and waged war against the free peoples of Middle-earth until Ar-Pharazon decided to amass a huge army and storm his country because Sauron called himself the "King of Men" had called. and the Numenorians disagreed with this idea.

Contrary to what others have written, Sauron has been described as the most powerful Maiar of them all, second only to Vala, and he was originally called Mairon, in the service of Aule, the Valar's patron saint of craftsmanship, blacksmithing, and forging everything what has to do with the earth itself. During his tenure for Aule, Melkor made Sauron admire him, for Sauron loved order, and Melkor often seemed to desire an orderly world. During this period of service to Aule, Sauron learned a great deal about the entire craft of Aule and understood many things relating to the earth, craftsmanship of all kinds and industry itself. With this knowledge he was not only able to run the forge of Eregion to forge the big rings and forge the one ring himself, but he was also able to teach the orcs languages, trolls the black language, and build huge fortresses like the black gate and barad major, and collect huge numbers of orcs and armies of bad men as they provide for their armor, food and livelihoods.

Physically, he was extremely powerful. Even when the wizards were not restricted in their powers, Sauron was stronger than any of them and with the ring stronger than any of them. Even the elves with the elven rings could only do so much about Sauron that they immediately took the rings off when they sensed Sauron's presence through the one ring. You could use the elven rings during the time Sauron was without the ring just because he wasn't wearing it at the time. The rings themselves should endow their wearers with a variety of skills and passive benefits, but the one ring itself should rule all the other rings and allow Sauron to control the mind and thoughts and see the thoughts of the wearer for it was to be Desire to control the thoughts of his enemies and to make them his spiritual slaves, since he very much wished that the elves would be in his service.

After the fall of Numenor, he actually lost much of his strength because his body was destroyed and forever after being stuck with the looks of a terrible dark lord and he could no longer take the beautiful forms he was so notorious for . Yet because he had the ring and because he had put so much power into it that even though he lost his body instead of being reduced to a mere shadow, it was still mighty and powerful and a force to be feared. In the second and third ages, with the augmented powers the ring gave him, he was the most powerful being in Middle-earth, but the only beings who could possibly be his rivals were either the Smaug or the Balrog, and both were long ago Servant of Morgoth.

Though clear, the ring itself appeared to strengthen the foundations of the Black Gate as well as Barad Dur, where they could not be destroyed if the ring itself was not destroyed. Plus, Sauron was able to turn all of Mordor into a black land and corrupt the air itself, much like Morgoth did when he often corrupted the land around him with his presence. Sauron was also able to manipulate the mountain. Judge and let its poisonous fumes spread across the land to Gondor and extinguish the sun. Sauron was also a powerful wizard, and apparently both his mouth and the Witch King gained much of his knowledge of the craft.

Sauron was also the first lieutenant of Morgoth, who placed him above the Balrogs and Dragons and above Glaurung, Ancalagon and Gothmog, the captain of the Balrogs. Of course, from his time in the service of Morgoth he must have learned an enormous amount of knowledge, crafts, lore about many things and all kinds of industry, construction, breeding and corruption of races. The reality was that Sauron was so powerful and knowledgeable and wise that he posed the greatest threat and embodiment of evil after Morgoth was defeated until the ring was destroyed. If Sauron had received the ring from Frodo, then all of creation, yes, Middle-earth and all the lands behind it that were not part of Aman, would eventually be conquered by Sauron.

If he had not died in Numenor and escaped the destruction, he could have wiped out everything and been the ruler of the world.