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Marine Stewardship Council - safe and efficient certification with Intact

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a not-for-profit organization and international standards publisher committed to the preservation of fish stocks and healthy seas and is actively working to create a global market for sustainable fish. The MSC relies on sustainable fishing and the transparent traceability of products - the MSC develops and manages its own standards for both areas. Only those who meet all the requirements are allowed to use the world-famous blue MSC seal on their products.

The initial situation of the MSC

When buying products with the MSC seal, consumers should be able to be sure that the processed fish has only been caught using sustainable methods. For this reason, the integrity of its standards and the transparent traceability of all MSC-certified products are of the utmost importance to the MSC. In order to guarantee this, a clear management of all certificate holders and their suppliers was very important to the MSC. In addition, cooperation with certification bodies and assessment bodies should also be simplified. To create the greatest possible transparency, the current certification data and information of all MSC-certified companies should always be made available via a public web platform.

The solution: a comprehensive management system for the MSC

All requirements of the MSC were successfully implemented with the solutions of the Intact platform:

  • a comprehensive certificate and license holder management
  • an online portal for decentralized data maintenance by certification bodies and assessment bodies
  • a clear supply chain mapping with a quick, simple overview of certificate holders, licensees and their suppliers
  • a public online certificate query for suppliers and consumers

“Thanks to Intact, we have exactly the solutions we need, especially with regard to our growth. With the Intact system, we not only handle our audits and fisheries assessments, but also cover some of our other core business processes. "

Marcus NelsonBusiness Intelligence Systems Developer, Marine Stewardship Council

With the solutions of the Intact platform, the MSC makes its licensee management more efficient and maps complex supplier data including the current certification status. This enables the MSC to guarantee and prove the quality of all MSC-certified products.