What are some safety tips in Bangkok

Thailand security

Thailand Safety - Are Traveling To Thailand Dangerous? Overall, Thailand is a safe country to travel to. There are a few areas where more caution is needed, especially in the border area with Malaysia. In general, security is on par with other countries in Southeast Asia. With Enchanting Travels you only travel to the areas that are considered safe. In order for your Thailand trip to be safe and worry-free, there are some safety and precautionary measures to be observed:

Safety tips for your Thailand vacation

Precautions against pickpockets

As in all travel destinations, you should prevent pickpocketing. If possible, leave your valuables in the hotel and do not wear any flashy jewelry or watches. Wallets are best worn close to your body, luggage should never be left unattended. As I said: This applies to all trips, regardless of the country. Pickpockets are no more common in Thailand than in other countries, but caution is advised.

Agree the price of taxi rides in advance

With us you are safe on the road: You travel with quality-checked vehicles and a private chauffeur. Should you ever need a taxi or a tuk tuk, you should negotiate the price in advance. Taximeters are only available in Bangkok. Inquire at the hotel or restaurant for the usual price.

Be careful in traffic!

The traffic situation can be extremely chaotic in cities and metropolitan areas. Exercise extreme caution in traffic!

Respectful to one another

The Thai are considered to be very friendly, polite and open-minded people. In other countries it is quite common to have louder and more decisive discussions (e.g. during price negotiations). This is different in Thailand - raising your voice is considered disrespectful.

Bathing - of course!

Never bathe unsupervised and never when the red flag is hoisted on the beach. The currents on Thailand's coasts change quickly and the impression of calm seas can be deceptive. If you are unsure, ask at the hotel or your travel agent whether it is safe to bathe.

Thailand safe and worry-free

Your safety is our top priority. Our travel consultants will be happy to help you if you have any questions about security in Thailand. Your guide will be happy to assist you during your vacation. Your personal travel advisor is at your side with words and deeds - around the clock, seven days a week.


Please note: Despite careful research, we cannot accept any liability for the information given here. Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.