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Block stars: Sido makes a band

Iro, Nicholas (2013) Block stars: Sido makes a band.
Diploma thesis, University of Vienna. Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies
Supervisor: Seier, Andrea

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Abstract in German

In the present media studies, based on an analysis of the ORF show »Blockstars«, it is to be examined whether and to what extent the representation in the broadcast, which is issued by the ORF as a “social report”, is reduced to clichéd approaches, or in that sense It can be interpreted that hip-hop stands as a symbolic configuration for the economic character of (post) modern youth cultures and indicates that youth culture can also be viewed as an “order-consolidating authority”. With a view to the hip-hop movement, which, as an authority critical of society, also pursues an independent political impetus, the question arises whether and to what extent the ORF format »Blockstars« should be interpreted in the sense of a youth-cultural context means whether and in what way this format fulfills and does justice to the public service mandate of the broadcaster, namely to critically question youth-related topics and present them in an appropriate form.

Keywords in German

Hip-Hop / youth cultures / casting show / reality format / block stars / governmentality theory

Document Type: University thesis (diploma thesis)
Author:Iro, Nicholas
Title:Block stars: Sido makes a band
Subtitle:HipHop as a code of social difference
Circumference:111 p.: Ill.
Institution:University of Vienna
Faculty:Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies
Publication year:2013
Language:ger ... German
Supervisor:Be there, Andrea
Assessor:Be there, Andrea
Classification:02 Science and culture in general> 02.10 Science and society
AC number:AC11445648
Document ID:31803
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