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Apex Legends

Game description:
The game principle Battle Royale has been on everyone's lips since the game Fortnite: Battle Royale. So it is hardly surprising that other games want to benefit from the trend as well.
The players get together in teams of three and each choose one of eight different legends. After jumping out of a flying object, a landing point in the arena called "The Outlands" is sought together. Everyone, up to 60 players, has to collect weapons, armor and other accessories in order to prevail against the other teams. As with most Battle Royale Games, the area in which the players are allowed to stay is getting smaller and smaller in order to ensure that the teams can come together. Little by little, these fight each other from the first person perspective until only one team is left and wins.

Pedagogical assessment:
Special Abilities
Apex Legends includes some special features that set the game apart from other titles in this genre. The eight legends from which the teams can be composed each have three different skills. For example, the character Bloodhound Recognize tracks and opponents excellently and also show them to team members. WithPathfinder it is possible to reach previously inaccessible places by attaching ropes to hang around. And Lifeline takes care of the healing of the comrades. The composition of the teams therefore has a great influence on later success and requires a lot of tactics, patience, skill and a little luck.

Battle Royale for adults
At least since Fortnite: Battle Royale, the Battle Royale game principle has inspired many teenagers and young adults. But Apex Legends is aimed exclusively at adults. With realistically ajar weapons, the players overwhelm each other from a first-person perspective. The game does not have an exaggerated depiction of blood, and the setting is clearly fictional. However, the players can finally kill the opponents who made them incapable of fighting after being overwhelmed. This so-called finish is presented theatrically and shows mocking victorious poses towards the loser. This trivializing representation of violence is not aimed at children and young people.

As is usual with other cooperative and competitive online games, players in the team have to coordinate with each other by text or voice. It is possible to play together with friends or to form a team with (international) random acquaintances. Especially with success-oriented players, the tone can get a little rougher in the hectic pace of the action. It is also important to act fairly, because if a team member leaves the game in frustration, this leads to a significant disadvantage.

Apex Legends
is free to purchase, but offers some opportunities to invest real money. In so-called microtransactions, game currency can be purchased for real money in order to unlock characters or skins. Skins only change the appearance of the game characters or the weapons, but are considered status symbols in today's youth culture.

An exciting one Battle Royale Shooter in a fictional setting. It sets itself apart from other games with some special features and therefore delights fans of this genre. The violent representations, especially the mocking winner poses, are aimed exclusively at adult gamers. Status-giving content can be purchased for real money. A successful round takes about half an hour and cannot be interrupted spontaneously.