What are the current Ferrari models

Probably the most famous sports car brand in the world: From 1929, Enzo Ferrari and his team "Scuderia Ferrari" optimized Alfa Romeo racing cars. The first model under the logo of the rising horse appeared in 1947 with the 125 S with a 1.5-liter twelve-cylinder. Since then, Ferrari has been building street sports cars with a legendary reputation and has also shone in Formula 1 motorsport since 1950. Classic Ferraris such as the variant-rich 250 series achieve top prices at auctions.

The best Ferrari models

Everything about Ferrari 812 Superfast

The name says it all: With the 800 hp Ferrari 812 Superfast, the Italians present the most powerful front-engined Ferrari of all time.

Everything about Ferrari California T

The Ferrari California T. A car like a dream. Noble coupé, classy convertible, quiet comfort glider and brute thoroughbred athlete and all of that in a single car.

Everything about Ferrari Portofino

The new convertible from Ferrari is called Portofino. Thanks to the hardtop, the 600-horsepower bolide wants to manage the balancing act between a comfortable convertible and a speedy coupé.

11 facts about Ferrari

Ferrari! A simple word around which hundreds of myths loll. But there are also facts about the legendary sports cars from Maranello. Ferrari recently announced some of them and we have summarized eleven exciting numbers for you.

Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari 250
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
Ferrari 275 GTB
Ferrari P80 / C
Ferrari GTC4Lusso
Ferrari 458
Ferrari 458 Speciale
Ferrari 488
Ferrari 488 GTB
Ferrari 488 Pista
Ferrari 599 GTB
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Ferrari Enzo Ferrari
Ferrari F12
Ferrari F40
Ferrari F430
Ferrari F60
Ferrari FF
Ferrari FXX K
Ferrari GTG4Lusso T
Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari P80 / C
Ferrari F8 Tributo
Ferrari F430 Spider