What is the cure for hard cervix

What to do in case of premature labor

How does the treatment work?

Since Elena Salerno was not infected, the doctors prescribed bed rest and high-dose magnesium infusions. "Magnesium has an antispasmodic effect and can weaken contractions or make them subside completely," says Claudia Schumann. The effect has not been scientifically proven. Risks are discussed. Doctors must therefore carefully weigh up whether magnesium is advisable orally or as an infusion.

With Elena Salerno, the situation initially remained critical. "As a precautionary measure, I received a cortisone injection to help the child develop the lungs. It was then that I realized the seriousness of the situation." Nevertheless, the expectant mother let herself be released at her own risk after a week in the hospital. She was stressed by the idle lying around and worrying in the clinic. "I could also lie down at home. And I had my gynecologist closely monitor the cervix and contractions," says Elena Salerno. In such a situation, it is important to give the woman courage and to establish good communication between the doctor and the pregnant woman, says Schumann.

Therapies in transition

While strict bed rest has long been considered the drug of choice, studies have shown that it is not effective. Physical rest is usually sufficient. A so-called cerclage, the surgical closure of a weak cervix, is only used in special cases, for example a shortened cervix.

Drug inhibition of labor (tocolysis) is still used. However, mostly with drugs with fewer side effects and only for a few days. "The administration of progesterone, a hormone that stabilizes pregnancy, has established itself," says Schleussner. "Studies have shown that, under certain conditions, the risk of premature birth can be reduced by up to 40 percent through vaginal administration of progesterone." But not all health insurances cover the costs.

Nobody knows whether magnesium, loungers or other measures stabilized Elena Salerno's pregnancy. Sure is the happy ending. "Our son was even born a week after the appointment," says the mother.