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Sales Follow Up Email: Templates, Examples & Tips

Everything starts with the Subject line. This is the first and sometimes only thing the recipient of your email will see. If you're not already convincing here, there is a high probability that the email will end up in the digital trash. The aim is to win the recipient's interest. For example, rhetorical questions are suitable for this. Subject lines that address specific problems or goals of the recipient are also particularly accurate. Make it clear in the subject line that you have a solution to offer. In this respect, the follow-up e-mail differs only slightly from the cold e-mail with which you are trying to establish initial contact.

Otherwise, the wording of the subject line depends heavily on the level at which you are. Is this your first attempt or have you already tried multiple emails to no avail Posted? After a few unanswered messages, you can ask specifically whether you should start further attempts. You can find good subject lines for different situations in our sales follow-up email templates.

The following applies to the content: As short as possible, as detailed as necessary. You can assume that your contact will not want to spend a lot of time processing emails. Long messages are daunting. But if you do get to the point in a few sentences, your message is a real treat in the amount of unsolicited email.

Clear instructions make it easy for the prospect to reply to your message. They want you to be answered directly. If, on the other hand, you have to think long and hard about how best to write back now, you postpone processing the email and then finally forget about it completely. With clear questions or instructions (no commands) you get quick feedback.

In addition to the content, there is also the Shipping time critical to the success or failure of your message. If the distances between the e-mails are too small, the messages can be perceived as annoying; if you wait too long, any interest has already evaporated. One assumes three to four days to wait between two emails. The gaps can increase from mail to mail. This gives the other enough time to write an answer, if they were going to. The best time to ship depends on the recipient's habits. It is difficult to make binding statements here.