Is decoupage and mod podge the same

Mod Podge - the all-rounder among adhesives

Mod Podge is a gel-like material that is glue, sealer and varnish in one. This is a brilliant thing for the hobbyist, because you no longer have to buy different products and then possibly have used all three by a certain date.

There are Mod Podge (pronounced Mot Potsch) in no less than 17 different versions from CLEAR to SATIN to ANTIK-OPTIK and SHINY. It is also available in two special versions for working with paper. If you want to read more, please google “MOD PODGE FORMULA GIUIDE”, which means “formula guide” in German for an overview of the different types. You then get to a great video and the explanation of all types of Mod Podge with the very specific purpose of each.

If you are not into you and you with the English language, take a look: To the right of the URL, many websites offer "Translate this page". If you click on this, the page will automatically open in German! If you would like to see how the different Mod Podge types look after drying on the workpiece, please google under "Mod podge formula what does the finishes look like".

Unfortunately, I personally discovered this website too late and therefore had to rely on the type used in many conventional YouTube videos.

All 17 types have one thing in common: They seal, glue and paint.

Mod Podge is primarily intended for use in the area of ​​napkin gluing - many then speak of the so-called serviette technique, in which individual wafer-thin layers of plain or printed napkins are applied to a surface using Mod Podge, where they dry and the object becomes a true one Eye-catcher - a one-of-a-kind anyway! For the napkin technique, napkins printed with special motifs have been available for sale for a long time ...

In addition, however, you can use it to realize amazing creative projects such as B. stick wooden boxes inside and / or outside with a paper that is completely individual, transfer photos to wood, glue walls or glass, labels z. For example, attach it to (jam) jars, decorate stones with nice motifs, apply pressed leaves decoratively to glass in autumn or add a funny logo to the snow-white sneakers - that's it!

Because Mod Poge can be closed again and has a relatively wide neck, you can easily dip a brush into it. Mod Podge is very productive, dries quickly, but at the same time so "slowly" that you still have time to correct (was my concern at first with an expensive product, but it quickly turned out to be unfounded! And Mod Podge sticks great! Because it is water-based, fingers and brushes can and must be cleaned with water and washing-up liquid immediately after use, so that they are clean = non-sticky and the brushes stay nice and soft. Mod Podge sticks Glass, wood, cardboard, stone, plastic, fabric and also Terracotta - So on almost all surfaces that you would like to provide with special motifs over the long term! The name "Mod Podge" is a trademark and as such is protected. You can get it in well-stocked craft stores or on the Internet. I only say: once Mod Podge, always Mod Podge, and others. because even children can work safely with this non-hazardous adhesive.

If you want to make your handicrafts permanently waterproof, then you have to apply an acrylic sealer at the very end, which was not necessary with my lantern "fairy in a glass".

After opening a bottle of Mod Podge, the contents can be used for approximately 6-12 months before they lose their properties. If you research Mod Podge online, you will surely be directed to a video that demonstrates how to make Mod Podge yourself. Good posts on the net contradict this, however, because the ingredients of the original Not are available and thus the three (!) properties in a product cannot technically be achieved in the desired perfection for laypeople. This then justifies the price of the original, which is around 7 to 12 euros / 236 ml (depending on the variety).

Mod Podge is slightly hard after 1 hour, but really dry only after several hours. But you can safely neglect that if the result is unique and attracts envious glances :-)

A good start in 2018 - with or without handicrafts, in any case with a lot of health and satisfaction! best regards