What are the best aquarium filter systems

How can I install the electrics and lines for an aquarium filter system through an outside wall?

I don't pretend to know the California building codes. That said:

I don't think building codes will care what you do with your aquarium tubes as long as they are not connected to your home plumbing. Do what you want with this top-off pipe.

As for electrics, if you want to run cables it's a bigger deal and there are a lot of rules to follow. Too many to list here.

Essentially, you want to install an outside power outlet that you can plug your pump into (if you're trying to wire it permanently, even more rules apply).

Matthew Runo

The power supply is controlled and switched by a controller located inside the aquarium. I thought of essentially running an extension cord through the opening. Bad idea?


@MatthewRuno, This article uses the National Electric Code (NEC) to answer exactly your question. Specifically, "flexible cords must not: (1) be used as a substitute for fixed wiring to a structure. (2) pass through holes in walls, structural ceilings, suspended or suspended ceilings, or floors. It is best to have an outdoor electrical outlet installed, complete with weatherproof "in-use" cover.