What is an Adoption Services Manager

Why adoption and change management are necessary

Due to the Corona crisis, Microsoft Teams has been introduced as a digital collaboration solution in many companies in the last few weeks. Often, however, the users feel overwhelmed with the functionalities or do not know how to use the tool efficiently. Microsoft Teams is degraded by many users to a video chat gimmick - and you lose the potential of modern work with Office365. This is not due to a lack of features, but has its origin in the lack of understanding of the structures of digital collaboration. And that's exactly where good change management is needed.


Employee needs
What you should pay attention to when using Office365


You are the captain - your employees are your crew. Go on a journey together!

When introducing new technologies, the following generally applies: Pay attention to the needs of your team. When individual employees recognize for themselves the personal advantages of using new work tools, you will achieve a sustainable change in behavior and a high level of motivation to keep it.

The lead user method, which is made up of the levels “know”, “can”, “should” and “want”, has proven itself. The aim of this method is to remove motivation barriers that arise from a lack of knowledge and to enable employees for the digital transformation processes. This leads to increased intrinsic motivation and acceptance in the team and thus enables efficient digital collaboration.



Office365 for your team - what to look out for

In the specific case for Office365, there are a few points that you should consider when communicating about the use of the tool. Give your employees clarity about which of the services such as OneDrive for Business, Sharepoint, Yammer, Planner, Teams and others are best used, when and for what purpose. Develop common and clear guidelines for your employees and the individual departments.

When do I use the private chat and when do I use the teams chat? How do I plan an online meeting and how should I prepare for it? What should you watch out for when editing documents together and at the same time? When does it make sense to create a team? Is everyone allowed to create a team and what are the channels for? How can project leaders keep their team together and transparently document their performance?

To answer these and other questions, to show the possibilities and to derive use cases for your own company or department, it has proven useful in the past to bring so-called key users and people with management tasks together. In a joint workshop, use cases are discussed, the feasibility of mapping them is checked and guidelines are developed. For example, it can be defined when which communication channel should be used, which file storage is basically used for which purpose, which communication rules exist for new services such as chat, video conferencing and Yammer and which services will be used in the company in the future.



Office365 for your IT - Security & Co.

For your IT department, the focus is not on using Office365, but on topics such as security, governance rules and administration. A clear timetable is needed for this group as well. What settings are there, how are users managed, are there hierarchical authorization levels, etc. An administrator training course gives your IT team an overview of the functionalities and enables them to technically roll out the tool.



Adoption and Change Management - What Have You Gained Now?

If you succeed in conveying your digital target image to the employees and removing barriers to motivation, then you have already laid the foundation for a change in the company. However, you can only achieve sustainable changes in the behavior of your employees if you actively involve them in change processes. This requires consistent communication and the willingness to weigh up anchored ideas and adjust them if necessary. Agility is the keyword here.

The reward you get for these efforts is definitely worth it. Your employees will develop a significantly higher intrinsic motivation through more knowledge and a sensitization for the digital transformation processes, which leads to an increased willingness to perform and thus to more productivity in your company.

Are you interested in Office365 / adoption?

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