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"And where Nyarlathotep walks, the calm will fade, torn by the screams of nightmares."


Nyarlathotep, Ambassador and Soul of the Outer Gods. [1] Evil personified. Nobody knows the origin or the true nature of Nyarlathotep, but it is older than time. [2]

In contrast to the other almighty beings such as Yog-Sothoth or Shub-Niggurath, Nyarlathotep not only has an omnipresent presence, but prefers to assume a tangible, more easily understandable physical form in order to walk personally among mortals.

He sometimes appears to people as a wise pharaoh or black man who shares his terrifying, extensive knowledge with the curious and drives the fearless into terrible abysses. [3]

However, the creeping chaos also takes the form of monsters. Thus, the hunter of darkness, worshiped by a secret cult in America, is actually a manifestation of Nyarlathotep. In truth, however, Nyarlathotep has an infinite number of forms on an infinite number of worlds at the same time.[4]

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Myth Edit source]

Those who give in to curiosity and follow knowledge will ultimately meet Nyarlathotep. The longer people look at him, the deeper they delve into his secrets, the more they will shudder at his cruel nature and yet they always succumb to the lure of his revelations. At the end of this road of knowledge, which is called Nyarlathotep, there is nothing but the great Azathoth, demon sultan and supreme of all gods.

A peculiarity of Nyarlathotep is his will to spread knowledge. Most of his worldly figures are very doctrinal. The hunter of darkness, if properly summoned, can even be used as a window into the universe. But as a price he always demands cruel victims such as infants or children. If these sacrifices are made, however, Nyarlathotep supports his followers in most cases with amazing insights into the cosmos.

Apparitions of Nyarlathotep [edit | Edit source]

Nyarlathotep often takes physical presence in various forms. Although many of the forms or avatars are mortal and can be destroyed, Nyarlathotep itself can never seem to die. The depiction of the classical devil in many religions probably goes back to forms of Nyarlathotep in human history.

The black man Edit source]

In this form, Nyarlathotep looks like a man with hooves and deep black skin. He appears as a wordless mediator who induces the chosen one to sign the black book. The physical strength of the black man is superior to that of every human being. In addition, it can manifest itself in dreams.

The black pharaoh [edit | Edit source]

Appearance of an Egyptian pharaoh with a wild, colorful robe, which according to his own statement comes from the old generation. Has a residence in the cities of the people, in which he gives eerie scientific demonstrations to those interested in knowledge. But then seems to tear those curious people from the world.

Hunter of Darkness [edit | Edit source]

A fearsome, bat-like creature with a single, three-lidded eye. Can only move in darkness as it is very sensitive to light. Kills people who know too much, but also spreads knowledge. Has an invisible connection to the luminous trapezoid. People who look too long into the gem attract the attention of the hunter of darkness. This will then pursue his victim until he is able to dissolve the brain with acid.

The faceless God [edit | Edit source]

Has the appearance of a faceless sphinx.

Ambassador of the ancients Edit source]

Form of an enormous black mass that stretches across the sky.

The Royal Pant Edit source]

The figure of an African American jazz player.

The dark one [edit | Edit source]

Looks like a five-foot-tall, faceless, all black man.

L'rog'g [edit | Edit source]

A two-headed bat.

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Literature Edit source]

  • Stephen King's character Randall Flagg, who is both in The last battle as well as The dark tower plays a bigger role and is often called "the black man" is an incarnation of Nyarlathotep.
  • In the book Merkabah rider Edward M. Erdelac is said to have made Nyarlathotep and the dark Lord Sauron out Lord of the rings are one and the same person.

Music [edit | Edit source]

  • In the song "The Thing That Should Not Be" by Metallica there is the line before "The Crawling Chaos underground / cult has summoned, twisted sound".

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Sources [edit | Edit source]

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