What will replace the laptop

Advisory: replace desktop with notebook

A notebook should actually be a mobile PC. However, the private laptop usually stays on the desk or is only carried short distances, for example from the office to the living room or from the living room to the balcony. If weight is not an issue, it is best to choose a model with a 17-inch screen, because with the same equipment they are hardly more expensive than standard-sized notebooks.

The 17-inch devices are among the larger notebooks. But compared to the desktop PC, including screen and keyboard, they are small and compact, take up less space and can be tidied up to save space.

With a 17-inch notebook, you should make special demands on the display: Because the notebook screen becomes a work monitor. It should therefore have a high level of brightness - preferably over 200 cd / m2. Then you can ideally adapt the display to different lighting conditions.

A bright screen brings out photos and films particularly well. Last but not least, reflections from the ambient light are less of a nuisance on a screen with high brightness: You have to accept these with most consumer notebooks, as they have a screen with a glossy surface. A high contrast is also desirable - the higher the higher, the better. Uniform illumination of the screen is important, for example, in image processing: the difference in brightness

If the large notebook is to replace the PC, computing power and equipment should also be right. Even if you are currently only writing texts or surfing the Internet: It doesn't hurt to buy a little more service than you currently need. Because unlike a PC, the processor and graphics card in a notebook cannot be upgraded, or only with great effort. The computing power of the notebook should therefore be sufficient for the next three to four years.

Therefore, a dual-core processor from Intel from the Core i3 or Core i5 family is currently recommended. The models from AMD are sometimes significantly slower for the same price. Most 17-inch notebooks have 4 GB of RAM in terms of memory - that's enough. The size of the hard disk is usually between 500 and 750 GB.