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The intuitive movement in the ocean we have forgottenIt's been too long since our ancestors crawled ashore.
We have lost our intuitive way of moving in the ocean, too long ago is it since our forebears crawled on land.
Life can be free and beautiful, but that we have forgotten.
The world of our inner voice often goes unheard in everyday life, and a real relationship with the people around us we have forgotten.
The world of our inner voices often remains unheard in daily life and we forgot how to establish a real relationship to the people surrounding us.
Sounds so simple and yet we have forgottento breathe deeply into your stomach.

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The coat of arms seems meaningless to us because we have forgottento read in it.
We have forgottento see the person behind the suffering.
Singing, the sound quality and the grace of the interpretation - things that nowadays almost seem to be a thing of the past, a real splendor that we cannot or that cannot afford we have forgottento indulge us.
It contains vocal, sound quality, and interpretative grace, which these days in music seem to be a thing of the past; a mere splendor we can not afford, or have forgotten how to.
In our fast life do we have completely forgottenThe real source of good nutrition is based on all foods that come naturally from nature, rather than dried and specially made food versions, which are also quite expensive.
So in our hurry we have forgotten to focus on the 'Real Thing.' The true source of real nourishment comes from 'the whole package' of food as it comes from Nature, and not from the dried and manufactured versions that cost a dear penny.
We have forgotten to listen to your own mind!
Could that have been all? We have forgottento give ourselves that peace of mind that we actually long for.
Can this have been it? We have forgotten how to find the inner peace that we desire so much for ourselves.
We used to do it ourselves, but we have's well forgotten.
Again, Berman provides a concise diagnosis that can also be applied to the Krleža case: Our century has produced spectacular modern art, but we have seemingly forgottento understand the modern life from which this art derives.
Again, Berman gives a succinct diagnosis, which can be applied to Krleža's case as well: Our century has nourished a spectacular modern art; but we seem to have forgotten how to grasp the modern life from which this art springs.
We have today forgotten"To understand nature as a whole that is moved and animated by inner forces", as Alexander von Humboldt put it, and the question is how we can regain these abilities.
Today we have forgotten how to "understand Nature as en entirety which is moved and animated by inner forces" as Alexander von Humboldt still expressed himself, and the question is - how can we regain this ability.
And then there's a race because I don't think so in the least we have forgottento overcome difficult challenges, or that we are too apathetic or hard-hearted to try.
And then we're off to the races, because I don't believe for a second that we have forgotten how to solve tough challenges or that we have become too apathetic or hard-hearted to even try.
At the same time, the social hierarchy required for fortunes where students indulge in a master is all but gone and such do we have the attitudes forgotten, required to live in a hierarchy in a healthy and productive way.
At the same time, the social hierarchy required by skills-in which students apprentice themselves to a master-has mostly disappeared, so we've unlearned the attitudes needed to live in hierarchy in a healthy and productive way.
Tie my tie, I've got it forgotten.
Chief, will you tie this? it's been so long, I sort of forgot.
I think your mama has it forgotten.
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