Did you get Bandersnatch on Netflix?

Netflix reveals: With this trick you come to a particularly nasty "Bandersnatch" ending

Don't worry, we'll only reveal the nasty ending after a spoiler warning.

It is one of many variations on which Stefan's story (that is, the young programmer played by Fionn Whitehead) can be completed. Since the start of “Bandersnatch” various possible paths have been described online, of which there are apparently so many that not even the director of the interactive “Black Mirror” film, David Slade, has found all of his scenes. Now, on the UK's Twitter account (where Black Mirror traditionally plays), a path has been revealed that probably not too many players have taken:

So you should decide that Stefan will take the family photo twice in a row. Ok but what happens then?

Now the announced spoiler follows:

As we do with our colleagues from We Got This Covered read (who were braver than us), Stefan is stabbed to death right after taking the photo twice. The murderer is not just anyone, but Jerome F. Davies of all people, the fictional author of the fictional you-decide-yourself novel "Bandersnatch", on which Stefan's video game is based. Jerome F. Davies went mad after finishing his book and cut off his wife's head.

Guest appearance by a real video game icon

Because “Bandersnatch” is crammed with references, the murderous author is played by Jeff Minter of all people, an English video game developer who became famous in the 80s (the time of "Bandersnatch") and programmed titles with his company Llamasoft that alluded to drugs (which were in "Bandersnatch" can be thrown in). In 2017 his company also developed a playable version of the legendary arcade game "Polybius", which is said to have triggered some incredible events in 1981.

Contrary to Minter's statement, who claims to have played the game himself and to have been inspired by it, the slot machine may never have existed. There are numerous urban legends surrounding him. For example, men in black suits are said to have often been spotted at the locations where the machines were installed, secretly observing the devices and those who were playing on them.

Many people who operated the machine are said to have disappeared without a trace afterwards. The appearance of Minter can be understood by video game fans as a clever meta-gag, no wonder, after all, "Black Mirror" creator Charlie Brooker is himself a gamer and worked for years as a journalist for the now closed video game magazine PC zone.

This completely wacky Easter Egg is hidden after the credits