How long does an introverted withdrawal take?

The strength lies in calmIntroverts - these are their strengths

Introverts don't like to talk very much, and they don't do much in their lives either. So let's take the floor now and explain why these quiet representatives are so lovable.

My extroverted ex-boyfriend once said to me that I was an introvert. And that wasn't meant nicely in this situation. That statement was over ten years ago. And I think about it to this day.

What does that tell me? Right, that I'm really introverted. Introverts tend to think about things a lot and for a long time. And what conclusion did I come to after years of pondering? Honestly? That I love being an introvert!

Definition of introversion: Typical signs of introverted people

But let's start from the beginning. What does it even mean to be an introvert? First of all: introversion should not be confused with shyness. Shyness always has something to do with insecurity or fear. Introverts are not necessarily fearful, but rather reserved and turned inward, while extroverts like to turn their inside out and spend their lives in the spotlight.

You're shy? We have the best tips!

Other signs of introverts include:

+ Introverts know what they are saying: People who are introverted talk comparatively little. They listen, think through content and situations, draw analyzes and conclusions on the topic and only speak when they see it as appropriate.

Spotlight off: Unlike extroverts, introverts don't like to be the center of attention. Not because they are too shy or because they cannot bring themselves to bear. On the contrary: You are very happy to withdraw and use every opportunity for inner contemplation.

+ Rest and retreat: Introverts like to focus on their inner world. The loud, crowded and shrill world around them is disturbing. To be alone is therefore something very nice for such people and has nothing to do with shyness or social fears.

+ Whoever writes stays:Introverts often like the written word more than the spoken one. The reason is not the fear of speaking or because you are too shy to speak, but rather so that you have more time and peace to choose your words carefully instead of just trumpeting them out into the world.

+ Real friends instead of many friends: Introverts, unlike people who are extremely shy, can have a nice little talk, but they usually don't want to. Instead of hanging out at hip cocktail parties or other social events, they prefer a cozy evening with friends. They prefer good conversations with people in their close environment to superficial networking.

Introverts: This is how they overtake extroverts

In short, introverts are calm people whose focus in life is not outward but inward. Is that rude? Why then? Just because you don't always get to hear what an introvert is thinking, doesn't mean that he is thinking something bad, does it?

And anyway, introverts have innumerable strong traits that some can learn something from. Some of their greatest strengths are:

1 Quiet people are good listeners

People who are introverted don't interrupt anyone. The opposite is true: you have the social ability to listen well and carefully. This often gives them the opportunity to put themselves in other people's shoes particularly well.

2 Concentrated and reliable

The ability to concentrate on their own thoughts is what makes introverted people particularly reliable. You can remember things well, complete tasks with calm and concentration and only think about projects to the end before they act.

3 Introverts are loyal souls

Introverts are not interested in gossip. They don't like small talk with strangers anyway, and even less hateful talk. If you enter into a friendship in your life, then it is meant honestly. The reluctance they show towards other people should therefore not be confused with unkindness or shyness. Even the opposite is the case: people who are introverted hold back out of peacefulness and are extremely social and sensitive.

4 Successful in the right job

The gift of being able to focus and analyze well makes introverted people successful at work. Provided you choose the right industry and know where your strengths lie. A closed person may never be a good salesman, but a brilliant scientist, psychotherapist or artist.

For such (and many other) professions you need a good, trained and calm mindset - from which so many extroverts could learn a slice and learn something. I would think of someone there too.

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