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13 Curiosities About Socks You Don't Need To Know

Useless knowledge: about primeval socks, the sock trap and deep-sea socks

In the scientific work “Mythos Socke” the student Boris Grunwald collects facts about footwear. Inspired by the author, we bring you 13 curiosities about footwear in this highly scientific article.

1. The original sock is the beginning

The term “sock” comes from the Latin term “soccus”. It was a kind of shoe that the Romans slipped into. The ancient Greeks were also familiar with slippery footwear and mainly wore them in the theater as a substitute for shoes. In some remote German regions, residents still call the slipper socks today.

In the 13th century, crafty tailors lengthened socks to make stockings and connected them to one another. This is how the first, rudimentary pants came about. This leads to the following conclusion: Robin Hood was possibly wearing some kind of pants when he went on a foray through Sherwood Forrest.

2. Sock Holidays

It is uncertain whether Robin Hood made the Sherwood Forrest unsafe in tights or not. What is certain is that the British are still good for one or the other curious fact.

May 9th is known as “Lost Socks Memorial Day”. This was first proclaimed in Great Britain in 1998. In honor of all lost individual socks, the British put on two different socks instead of a pair on this day. So the people try to give the leftover footwear the hope of reunification with the partner. What would the world be without the idiosyncrasies of the islanders?

Different in America. There the population celebrates “National Sock Day” on December 4th. Cheers to the footwear!

3. Fiffi is now a member of the anonymous Sockoholics

We imagine the male from the USA, who does not want to be named here, to be incredibly hungry. It is well known that dogs like to eat anything that gets in their way. This three-year-old mastiff has outdone itself. Man's best friend from Portland devoured a whopping 43 (and a half) socks. And that's not all, because the missing half stocking cannot be found to this day. The dog proves: no washing machine is needed. The woolen footwear is getting lost elsewhere too.

4. Deep sea socks? Now that's a stupid joke, isn't it?

One of the strangest animals on our planet is the so-called deep sea sock. The marine life discovered in 1915 has no eyes or gills. Hardly to speak of internal organs. It is a few centimeters tall and is reminiscent of a limp tongue or a flabby balloon when it is on the ocean floor. The only indication that the animal is feeding is an opening on its underside. To date, it is not known what role the living organism plays in the marine ecosystem.

5. How single socks in pairs enrich the world of physics

Reinhold A. Bertlmann, an Austrian physicist who studies quanta, wears unequal pairs of socks as a matter of principle. In his book “Dr. Bertlmann's socks - How quantum physics is changing our view of the world, ”he explains physical processes with the help of his little socks, such as the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox (called EPR effect). Why? Because he is capable of it.

But he's not the only one. His colleague, John Stewart Bell, also compares Bertlmann's footwear with the same physical phenomenon. In a scientific article from 1981 he describes the so-called ERP effect something like this: When Bertlmann turns a corner and his first stocking is pink, then it is clear that the second is definitely a different color. We think these socks deserve a prize!

6. Uh la la! Why you better leave your socks on at the next rendezvous

Be honest: do you - like about a fifth of German men - wear socks during sex? If you now look furtively from right to left and nod, then we congratulate you!

According to a study by the University of Groningen, people are more likely to have an orgasm if they indulge in physical pleasures in their stockings. What sounds strange can easily be explained biologically. On the one hand, the blood vessels expand optimally thanks to the heated feet, which promotes orgasm. On the other hand, people with warm feet feel more secure. This makes it easier for women in particular to switch off.

In case you're wrinkling your nose now. Don't think in the category of "Mommy's old, worn cotton socks full of holes". Think about a couple of shameless overknees in a sexy lace look.

7. Even geniuses don't always have all their socks in the closet

Did you know that Einstein hated socks? So much so that he didn't even wear them on official occasions? The recognized physicist is said to have even received the Nobel Prize without socks.

8. Curious customs related to woolen footwear

In the region, unmarried men are given a wreath of socks on their 25th birthday. Because they are considered "old socks". We ask ourselves whether the lost stockings of this world will be worked into the wreaths?

In Denmark, on the other hand, pairs of socks play an important role at weddings. After the waltz, the best man cuts off the tip of the sock of the now married groom. Why? Well, let's be honest: Which woman would give a man with broken footwear a chance? Except for the (happy?) Bride. She's committed to it. Does this form of “emotional attachment” also work in Germany?

9. Curiosities about the imperial bootie

Are socks not to be scared of? So and how! (Please do not claim later that we did not warn you.) Especially in connection with a French king named Louis XIV, you are sure to get goose bumps down your spine. Because when the ruler came of age, his feet rotten. And now guess what his servant found in his stockings one day when he took them off for the king? Exactly, a toe! A reasonable reason to rethink your career choice, as we think.

10. How to increase your IQ in under 30 seconds with a single sock

Did you know that the average German thinks you are more creative, intelligent and capable when you put on stockings in fancy colors in everyday office life? The colorful footwear suggests that the wearer is inadequate. That speaks for an assertive character and a creative streak. Would you have thought that hosiery could have such an impact on the human psyche?

11. With the sock trap in the fight against malaria

It does not work? Doesn't exist! This motto is the motto of the African doctor Dr. Fredros Okumu from the Ifakara Health Institute. Believe it or not, the doctor has developed a sock trap that prevents malaria mosquitoes from attacking people. The principle is very simple. The smell of sweat from the socks that are in the machine is blown into the air with the help of a blower and attracts the mosquitoes. Better they pounce on smelly footwear rather than human victims!

12. A special kind of stolen goods: single socks

In 2017 there was a rude robber in Heidelberg. He stopped innocent passers-by and stole ... exactly! Your footwear, what else?!? More precisely, one of them. It is not known whether the perpetrator has been caught and what he needed the cotton socks for. Possibly as an egg warmer? Or maybe he'll turn it into his best friend's sock wreath?

13. Canada only: with contact lens fluid and a pair of socks against the executive

If you ever get into the embarrassment of an alcohol check, do better than this young Canadian. Police stopped the drunk man and asked him to get out and blow in the tube. The man got off his vehicle, but only to stuff contact lens fluid and his socks into himself. This behavior should prevent the police officers from taking the alcohol test. Bottom line: the law enforcement officers took him to the station. There, curiously, he resisted the test by sticking his head in the toilet bowl. Who’s needed ...

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