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  • Contours

    One of the special effects in drawing programs is drawing Contours. As a variety of setting options for the individual Contour lines, If pen and fill colors are available, there are almost inexhaustible applications for vector objects of all kinds up to conveying spatiality and plasticity.


  • Classicism sculpture

    Classicism, trained in antiquity, is the last great, uniform, international style that dominates all genres and at the same time the first “ism”, which countless others should follow to this day.

    From the content:

    [...] The tendency to draw and especially to emphasize Contours is characteristic of all classical art. In the clear contour art is focused on its “spiritual form”. [...]


  • Romantic painting

    Romanticism was a European intellectual movement between 1795 and 1830. The term was coined by its opponents, who criticized the irrational and exaggerated in this style. “I call the classic the healthy and the romantic the sick.

    From the content:

    [...] picture element, not the Contour. DELACROIX assigned individual mood values ​​to the different colors. The visible, free and sketchy [...]


  • Line shapes and their effect

    Like music, its tones and signs, language, its sounds and writing, the image also has its design and form elements. These factors constructing an image are: point, line, area, format and color.

    From the content:

    [...] Due to the light-dark contrast between the object and the background, a linear contour (Outline) appear. [...]


  • Melody

    The main criterion for the unmistakable shape of a melody is its Contour, the pure sequence of pitches from which the intervals result. The rhythm and metrics of a melody are also important for the individuality of a melody; here there are great differences between the melodies of world cultures.


  • Full-screen manipulations in painting programs

    Whether for image montage, as a template for animations or for individual design, there can be thousands of reasons to change the color tones of the entire image harmoniously.

    From the content:

    [...] Extrapolating The principle of mathematical acquisition and processing of colors can also be used to determine borders, Contours or capture outlines of almost any kind in the picture. [...]


  • Diego Velazquez

    * June 6, 1599 in Seville † August 7, 1660 in Madrid DIEGO VELÀZQUEZ began his artistic career with genre scenes before he was appointed to the Spanish court in 1623 and appointed court painter in 1643.

    From the content:

    [...] From the contrasting light and dark painting with the clear and sharp ones Contours VELÁZQUEZ achieved an almost impressionistic way of applying paint. [...]


  • Classicism painting

    Classicism is the last great international style that prevails in all genres. Like architecture and sculpture, painting is also based on antiquity, both in the choice of subject and in the form.

    From the content:

    [...] also painting from antiquity, both in the choice of subject and in the form. The emotional aspects of color are neglected, instead that prevails contoured Drawing. [...]


  • Paul Cezanne

    * January 19, 1839 in Aix-en-Provence † October 23, 1906 in Aix-en-Provence PAUL CÉZANNE - A "father of modernity" PAUL CÉZANNE was born on January 19, 1839 in Aix-en-Provence. Early and first studies of painting in his homeland were quickly forbidden to CÉZANNE, who came from a wealthy family.

    From the content:

    [...] Unlike CLAUDE MONET and AUGUSTE RENOIR, CÉZANNE solved the Contours of the painted objects never in a vibrating light mood, but kept [...]


  • clown

    October 21, 2005 - With a small sponge, white greasy make-up is applied to the face and gray greasy make-up around the eyes. after the Contours for the different sized circles drawn on the cheeks, these are painted in a wide variety of colors (depending on taste and costume) with greasy make-up.


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