How is mathematics used in agriculture

Development of Agriculture in Austria - 1427. Task 1_427

The use of maths2mind is free of charge and includes both the subject matter and exam preparation

Specially prepared for smartphones and PCs, offers free online eLearning educational access and paperless exam preparation in the MINT subjects of mathematics, electrical engineering and physics.

The focus is on supporting learners and their teachers throughout the DACH region. We support you up to the successful completion of your apprenticeship with the Matura, the career entry after Matura / Abitur and also with the start of studies.

maths2mind offers a systematic compilation of exercises for practice. For different types of schools (grammar schools and vocational higher schools) an overview of the complete curriculum is also provided. Wherever we are permitted by copyright law, we prefer to publish former real exam questions.

As a company with a social mission, maths2mind GmbH offers learners more opportunities and fairness through gender-neutral educational access, regardless of the socio-economic environment, place of residence, attitude or culture of the parents, the sympathy value of the teacher, the financial school equipment, the daily politics ...

The users of maths2mind are learners at schools from ISCED level 3 and higher, who attend the upper level of a grammar school or a vocational secondary school, as well as pupils of special advanced training courses. Students at universities and technical colleges who are completing their first year of study will also find valuable support in preparing for mathematics, electrical engineering and physics exams or study entrance exams.

This is what maths2mind offers

As an internet-based learning platform for STEM subjects, maths2mind is available around the clock, everywhere and immediately. Learners can use maths2mind via PC, tablet or smartphone, from home, at school or on the go and without making an appointment. maths2mind offers exam preparation through pre-calculated and explained tasks. “Theory” is reduced to an absolute minimum. The important formulas are put together for each task and presented in such a way that you can learn them by heart "on the fly". The editors compile suitable tasks for sample papers, which can include all tasks of a real Matura.

Learners can have the solution explained to them or they can calculate the tasks independently in the form of a multiple choice test. The solving process for a math problem consists of

  • Analysis of the specification and clarification of the task
  • Selection of the appropriate formulas
  • Use the most time-saving calculation method
  • error-free calculation
  • Correct cover letter of the result

This is a repetitive, operationalizable creative process that is very characteristic of mathematics examples. That is also the reason why, with enough practice, one can easily learn useful solutions.

Via an optional "Score indicator"And the also optional"Learning progress indicator“Learners get an objective overview of their current level of knowledge.

Maths2mind doesn't offer that

In the case of schoolwork or exams, the level of knowledge and knowledge must be proven by the learner in an examination, i.e. during a psychological stress situation. In addition to good preparation, many other parameters that cannot be influenced by maths2mind are decisive for the success of the exam.

We must therefore state that the occurrence of a hoped-for or expected test or school success is in no way promised, promised or guaranteed by the operator of maths2mind, but maths2mind can significantly support, structure and make the examination preparation more efficient.

maths2mind is the ideal addition to face-to-face events, i.e. to school and traditional tutoring. In preparation for the real exam situation, the learner gets used to working out possible solutions independently without interacting with a physically present teacher.

By detaching yourself from the teacher, the ideal preparation for standardized exams (such as the Central Matura, the STEOP), the examination questions of which were not worked out by a teacher familiar from the classroom, takes place.

For exam preparation from the MINT subjects, maths2mind offers a new learning experience as a supplement to classic school lessons. maths2mind is fundamentally changing the way we learn by meeting the learning needs of digital natives. Digital natives are those young people who grew up with the Internet and mobile devices and who can use them as a matter of course.

The multimedia database on which maths2mind is based contains calculated examples of mathematics and formulas, supplemented by audio-visual explanations of the calculation method and the underlying formulas.

Corporate partners support us so that access to education remains free of charge, thereby strengthening future employees, customers, suppliers and clients early on, strengthening the emotional bond and trust in their brand.

Practical training documents on basic knowledge provided by the company partner are revised in a way that is suitable for pupils and they become part of the online knowledge offer from maths2mind. With a link to your website, of course, where you can offer young professionals an insight into your business environment and job offers.

Unique selling points

+ MINT content that is excellently readable on smartphone, PC, SmartTV, including formulas, explanations, calculation methods and many illustrations

+ No software or app download required

+ Dynamic networking of basic knowledge and application examples using tags

+ Semantic and alphabetical search

+ Knowledge paths for prior knowledge, knowledge broadening and deepening

+ Combination of school knowledge with company-specific basic knowledge

The student entrepreneur team is continuously developing the eLearning platform to accommodate the target group in line with the megatrends of digitization, connectivity via mobile devices and micro-learning.

About us and about working with us

  • Our vision
    We, the team at maths2mind, are continuously developing this eLearning platform so that interested young people who are willing to learn have the opportunity to build up valuable knowledge in the MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) for excellent school qualifications free of charge. This enables them to be “personally competitive” as a highly qualified worker on an increasingly international labor market and thus to be able to achieve a corresponding income in the long term.
  • our mission
    We offer the users of our STEM educational offer more fairness opportunities through access to education via the familiar smartphone, tablet or PC. No credit card required, no paid app store, no software download, a simple WLAN access is sufficient. The users can decide independently from third parties such as parents or teachers and free from financial framework conditions about the time and scope of use of our offer.

    Our offer is therefore independent of the socio-economic environment and place of residence. When choosing the type of school, parents should be relieved of the fear of not being able to support their children. In the dual training system, apprentices have fewer teaching units, but at the Matura they have to solve the same math tasks as full-time students at the BHS. Girls avoid the fearful subject of mathematics, which contributes to the shortage of skilled workers in the MINT area. offers gender-neutral access to education in the MINT subjects, regardless of the parents' attitude or culture, the level of sympathy with the teacher, the financial school equipment, the daily politics.

    Our offer focuses on all over 14-year-olds and accompanies them up to and including the STEOP at the universities as well as during the first university lectures. But even if you are already in your professional life, our offer can be used as an online reference work. We also support all parents and teachers and tutors who are looking for compact formulations and exercise examples.

The entrepreneur team at maths2mind is continuously developing the eLearning platform to accommodate the target group in line with the megatrends of digitization, connectivity via mobile devices and micro-learning. Even before the company was founded, the following people contributed ideas and content that contributed significantly to the creation of this platform:

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Dungl
Married, 2 sons;

School career:
1979: Matura at BRG Pichlmayergasse; until 1980: telecommunications troop school; until 1986: Vienna University of Technology, electrical engineering, specializing in electrical power engineering; until 1988: Vienna University of Technology, postgraduate studies in business, law and economics;

Professional background:
2020 in foundation

It is worth mentioning because they have shaped me a lot, the private and the many business trips that I have to Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, the Maldives and almost all European countries. I met a lot of interesting people and I owe them a lot of valuable suggestions. Suggestions that were also decisive for the development of maths2mind ...

Larissa Schölzky
School career:
2016: Matura at BRG Pichelmayergasse, since 2016: Teaching degree in mathematics and English at the University of Vienna

Professional background:
Since 2015: Co-founder of maths2mind, where I use my technical and didactic knowledge to solve and explain the tasks. Lectures and exercises such as "School Mathematics Elementary Geometry and Vector Calculation", "School Mathematics Stochastics" and "School Mathematics Arithmetic and Algebra" at the Faculty of Mathematics prepare me very well for my internal team task: to make solutions to mathematical tasks understandable and accessible to the users in a way that is suitable for students. In private tutoring I get an insight into what is particularly difficult for students and which explanations are most effective. I bring my pedagogical and didactic knowledge acquired in theory and practice to our eLearning platform.

Konstantin Dungl
School career:
2016: Matura at BRG Pichlmayergasse; until 2017: community service; since 2017: Student of Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business;

Professional background:
Since 2015: Co-founder of maths2mind; I am actively involved in the current company foundation. In doing so, I apply the economic knowledge I have acquired during my business studies in day-to-day business practice. My specializations in the bachelor's degree are "Entrepreneurship & Innovation" and "Finance". At the moment I am responsible for the development and implementation of the business plan and am looking after the improvement of the metrics for measuring and increasing reach with the help of the webmaster tools Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Since 2019: Equity Research Analyst at WUTIS;

Philipp Dungl
School career:
2013: Matura at BRG Pichlmayergasse; since 2013: Degree in electrical engineering and information technology at the Vienna University of Technology; since 2018: Master's degree in energy and automation technology

Professional background:
Since 2015: Co-founder of maths2mind; In the direction of our IT partners, I act as a technical mastermind to ensure a high-performance IT infrastructure and a user-friendly user interface. Within the team, I am responsible for the backend with its data entry masks, which our technical editorial team uses to enter the specialist articles into the content management system. So that our website can be easily found by search engines, I take care of Search Engine Optimization. I create new content myself, mainly in the field of electrical engineering and physics, where I am also responsible for subject-specific quality management.

Florian Schmitt
Managing Director Dropping Coconut KG, IT specialist responsible for Drupal backend and Bootstap frontend;

Florian has been with us since the first prototype with words and deeds; We owe him, among other things, that our website is brilliantly legible on all end devices. This is only possible by displaying mathematical formulas in LaTeX and using MathML markups via MathJax (developed by the American Mathematical Society). The use of scalable vector graphics is also required. Never heard of Bootstrap? No problem: This is a "user interface design framework" developed by Twitter, which is used by NASA, among others. Incidentally, Drupal is a content management system (CMS) that is used by around 2% of all websites worldwide. Florian has developed 8 data entry masks for us, with the help of which our editorial team enters formulas, examples, illustrations, ... into the CMS and manages them there without having to understand the background of all the technologies mentioned above.

  • Would you like to publish content with us?

    When composing our team, we rely on a mix of people who are already rich in life experience and "digital natives".
    • Students: You use electronic media intensively for learning and enjoy creating new multimedia learning materials
    • Teachers: You would like the documents accompanying the course, which you yourself have worked out with great dedication, to be made available to as broad a group of users as possible

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us by email

There is only one thing that is more expensive than education in the long run, no education - John F. Kennedy

Education should be free of charge - unfortunately, providing education is associated with costs
Support your future employees, customers, suppliers and clients as part of your corporate social responsibility with free access to education in the STEM area. MINT stands for issue, I.nformatics, Nnatural sciences and Ttechnology. In this way, you can strengthen the emotional connection and trust in your brand among schoolchildren, students and their teachers at an early stage.

Present your company on as

  • Content partner:Learning documents provided by the company partner will be revised and become part of the online knowledge offer on maths2mind.
  • Recruiting partner: In suitable subject areas, we have provided space for your recruiting modules on the maths2mind eLearning portal.
  • Branding partner:Distributed across the entire maths2mind eLearning portal, we have provided space for your customer-specific modules.

In return, you sponsor our portal with a one-off payment so that we can continue to provide teaching content to students, newcomers and their teachers free of charge.

Contact us by email

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    In the case of school work or exams, the level of knowledge and knowledge in an examination must be proven by the learner during a psychological stress situation. In addition to good preparation, many other parameters that cannot be influenced by maths2mind are decisive for the success of the exam.

    The provider assumes no liability that the use of the training content will result in a certain level of success, or that the content provided corresponds to the purposes or expectations of the user. It is hereby stated that the occurrence of a hoped-for or expected test or school success is in no way promised or guaranteed in any way or to any extent.

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