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Men like women like this underwear

Lingerie is a very intimate and private subject. So one thing in advance: Of course, your primary concern should be to please yourself and to feel good. Because no matter if thong, g-string or granny panties, you should be able to be yourself in them! What was missing was that he would decide what you put under.

On the other hand ... It is still justified that you are sometimes curious what men think about your laundry. Because you want to look particularly sexy on a man, for example. There are certainly situations in which you want to wear something exciting especially for him. This is the only aspect of this article.

Which lingerie do men find sexy in women?

The problem here, as is so often the case, is that there are neither "men" nor "women". Underwear in particular is a matter of taste, both on the part of the wearer and on the part of the beholder. So it's actually better than reading this to ask the man who is allowed to see you in your underwear and to listen to your own needs. Because only if you feel comfortable in a piece of laundry and you like it, you can radiate it to the outside world. (For example, are you wearing the right bra size? Check it out here!)

However, many women think that the answer to the question of which lingerie is particularly sexy has long been known anyway: the tighter the panties and the more elaborate and unusual their lingerie, the better the men's world likes them. Is that correct? Our US colleagues checked that and asked more than 1000 men exactly. With partly amazing results ...

The hottest panty is the panty

Who would have thought that?! 40 percent of all men surveyed said that they especially love panties on women. And that although there is a lot of material to it. As a reason for this, the gentlemen stated that this type of underwear flatters the shape of the buttocks particularly well. And what is even more important: women look like they are comfortable in it. So true sex appeal comes from within ...

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The thong lands in second place

Wouldn't you have guessed the tight panties to be number 1 too? Just next to it is also over. But at least a whopping 34 percent of the men surveyed are into thongs for women. Sometimes less is more.

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3rd place goes to the string

Here you have the proof: At some point close is just too close. Only 13 percent of all men surveyed are into extremely fine strings. We don't know the reasons. But maybe it's simply because the tight panties reveal almost everything and take away any tension? By the way: men love these intimate hairstyles on women.

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Classic briefs secure 4th place

The wooden medal in the race for the hottest panties goes to the normal panties. With wider side cuffs than a thong and a lower love height, i.e. approx. 4 fingers' widths below the navel. Yes, well, it might not be particularly exciting. But simply comfortable!

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Granny panties are the losers in the ranking

The bottom of the ranking is the granny panty, with just 1 percent, with extra-wide side cuffs and waist height up to the navel. Above all, this slip shape stands for one thing: comfort. But - and you probably already thought so - definitely not for sex appeal. Pity…

And what do men like on top?

When it comes to lingerie tops, first place goes to the lace bra, closely followed by the push-up. A classic white balconette bra, together with the longline model, ranks third and fourth in the middle. Preformed bras without underwire, such as sports bras, are absolute love killers. Oh yes: this is where men look first when they see a naked woman.

If you are already mentally mucking out your laundry drawer, we can calm you down. Because according to other studies, in the end most men more or less do not care what you wear underneath. Much more important to them is the woman who is in it. So: hook behind!

It doesn't always have to be lingerie to impress a man. More comfortable briefs such as boy shorts are also popular. In the end, the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself. So please never let yourself be pressured to wear something you don't like!

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