A 5 inch wrist is normal

The right watch size for your wrist

Watch sizes in XXL format are not uncommon these days. In addition to personal preferences, different occasions and current trends, the right watch size also largely depends on the size of your wrist. We will give you recommendations for choosing the right watch size.

The right watch size

The size of a watch is given in millimeters and indicates the diameter of the watch case without the crown. In the case of square models, the jeweler Ralf Häffner first determines the length including the lugs and then the width of the watch without the crown.
For everyday business, we recommend watches with a diameter that is more elegant and reserved. In order to fit under the tight-fitting cuffs, the models should also be as flat as possible. However, if you work in the advertising or art industry, attracting attention is definitely welcome and the watch can also be larger. Larger watches can also be worn in their free time.

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In addition to personal taste and occasion, the circumference of your wrist is also a decisive criterion for the right watch size. You can easily determine this with a tape measure, which you put loosely around your wrist. Depending on the measured circumference, we recommend the following watch sizes (diameter of the case) for rough orientation:

With a small wrist circumference of approx. 16 cm, watches with a diameter of up to 41 mm can be worn wonderfully. With an average circumference of approx. 19 cm, watches up to 46 mm look harmonious on the wrist. Large watches in XXL format are more likely to be the right choice for wrists with a circumference of 22 cm or more. An exception are watches where oversize is an indispensable criterion, such as the legendary Laco pilot's watches.

Another important factor for the size effect is the height of a clock. There are significant differences here. Watches with a tall case look bigger and weigh more. If you wear your watch all day, this difference in weight is clearly noticeable. In order to reduce the weight of large watches, the cases are often made of titanium instead of stainless steel.
This is the case, for example, with selected models from Sinn and Breitling. Decorations on the watch case and light colors also make watches appear larger. The same goes for square clocks. These appear more masculine and larger than round watches. So it is better to choose a narrower width than a round watch case.

Tip for the watch strap: The optimal bandwidth is half the case diameter. For example, if the diameter of your watch is 38 mm, the optimal width of the strap is 19 mm.

The standard length for the bracelet (both straps measured together) is 165 to 180 mm for women and 180 to 195 mm for men.

Watch size through the ages

Although almost everyone today has a smartphone that shows the current time digitally, wristwatches are more popular than ever. In times of Apple Watch & Co., the classic wristwatch has become all the more a personal statement and important accessory for both men and women.

In earlier times, the appearance of a watch was mostly shaped by its functionality. Historic pilot's watches were extremely robust and, with a diameter of up to 55 millimeters, were extraordinarily large. It was important that they remained functional and easy to read even in difficult situations. Watches that were worn in everyday life were mostly smaller. In the 1940s, the diameter of the case was 31 to 33 millimeters. In the last few years there has been a trend towards XXL formats with a diameter of 55 to even 60 millimeters. Oversized watches got a loyal fan base and became real eye-catchers.

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