Why are discussions with influencers important

How you as a brand get in touch with influencers

Be where the influencers are

Blogger or influencer events have recently taken place almost regularly. The events are particularly suitable for expanding your knowledge in your own specialist area as well as expanding your expertise in Influencer Marketing to expand. You have the chance to get in touch with the influencers on a personal level and to start a conversation.

Meet influencers on a personal level

Draw attention to yourself even before you contact us for the first time - like and comment on contributions from your “desired influencer” in order to make your interest in their contributions clear. When you first contact us, rely on honest and personal communication: For example, you can send an influencer of your choice a personal message on influence.vision. Coordinate your address to the influencer and his subject area, call him by name (nothing is worse than an impersonal copy and paste email) and formulate your request precisely and precisely.

Important: Always communicate openly and honestly and meet influencers at eye level, because they are only human. In this way, a long-term cooperation can quickly emerge from an initial cooperation, which can be advantageous not only for your brand, but also for the influencer.

Look around for influencer marketing platforms

The personal search and approach via Instagram or email takes time. There are now numerous agencies that work on a professional basis Influencer Marketing are specialized and support you in all phases of your campaign development. At influence.vision, we not only help you create your campaign, but also provide you with an extensive influencer marketplace. Invite the right influencers for you directly to your campaign or receive marketplace offers directly via the platform. Then all you have to do is choose between the best offers and book your influencer. We are at your side throughout your influencer campaign and help you achieve long-term success with your brand.

Use influence.vision as an influencer marketplace

With the help of our platform, discover the potential of a “creative crowdsourcing process” and book convincing influencers of your choice. Your campaign will be displayed to the right influencers and you will receive 40 to 60 offers on average all at once. These are already geared towards your specific target group. The influencers have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to match the campaign briefing and to suggest implementation ideas. The influence.vision marketplace enables you to share creativity and to achieve the campaign goals together with the community. Using the reporting dashboard, you can directly view the output of your campaign and reflect the results achieved using automatically calculated KPIs.

If you follow these tips above, you can achieve the best results in influencer marketing. Register now directly on our platform and get started with an effective campaign!