What is your most embarrassing erection moment

Most embarrassing erection?

I am a nude model for drawing classes every now and then, and I suffered from unwanted erections on one class.

It was a group of women, the third appointment, so the women already knew me and knew that I am not a pervert now.

But that day I was kind of excited, not necessarily very sexually aroused, but kind of excited.

After a short while in a standing pose, I noticed that he was getting bigger and couldn't prevent it. Then I apologized, not bad everything was okay, the answer was. Since I was standing in the middle and the women were sitting around me, the women behind me said jokingly: turn around, we want to see something too. That didn't exactly help me ...

I should then turn around and now I knew ok, now everyone has seen me like that. The erection then began to subside, a lady said jokingly, look, he's getting tired. Zack she was back. I couldn't defend myself against it and kept getting erections, usually just clearing my throat or rustling was enough.

I also tried to defend myself mentally against it, but that was a mistake, then it happens all the more.

After a while I accepted everything as it is and just left it where it should be and then it became less.

I was not taken amiss and everything was normal again at the next appointment