When do MobileMe accounts expire

Will MobileMe become the FaceBook alternative?

“Apple regards it as a pocket web server ... everything is updated dynamically via MobileMe.” Music heard, games played, applications used, music and applications purchased, websites visited, status updates, and their own live video streams will soon be available to users as well Published via MobileMe such as restaurant reviews, relevant special offers and memorable snapshots. The GPS-based services run under the working title "Tokens".

The “Find my Friend” spotted in iOS 4.3 would therefore only be a small piece of the puzzle of this rather large-scale undertaking. If a friend's MobileMe account was queried, they would receive a status update detailed as described above, which may be pulled from the friend's iPhone in real time. Of course, everything would take place within the framework of the right to privacy. Interested users would probably have to tap "Yes, I really agree." X times. This amalgamation of various social networking services in iOS, declared by Cult of Mac, would probably let Apple build some huge data centers like in North Carolina if it were accepted by the users.

In the same context, an additional series of iPhones is mentioned again, which, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, is in work under the project name "N97". Smaller in terms of form factor and equipped with a borderless display, these devices should be fully streaming-based and, above all, cheap! They could become the master key for all personal data and multimedia archives of the user. In this way, Apple would offer the hardware, software and a completely new platform coordinated with one another in the usual manner.