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The Marketing Secret for In-House Technicians by Straesser, Anne K

This book is aimed at gas and water plumbers, their employees and anyone interested in successfully marketing home technology. In our world, we increasingly need products and services that create real value. A huge part of that value is the satisfaction of the people on both sides of the sale. The book covers the essential aspects that you should consider in marketing in order to increase the success of your sales and thus your business. You will learn what is special about marketing for in-house technicians, which advertising measures bring the desired success and which are a pure waste of time and money, how you can satisfy existing customers so that they keep coming back to you as you win new customers, with measures that with Promise a great success with little use of resources where you can save costs in order to increase not only your sales, but also your profit, how you understand your customers better and offer them exactly the service and the products that they really want, like you as an entrepreneur Don't miss out, and don't let your personal goals fall by the wayside and much more ... Something else is special about this book: It should get you to act. Because this is the only way to guarantee success!

The Marketing Secret for House Technicians is a book by Straesser, Anne K, published by B o D - Books on Demand. The Marketing Secret for Home Technicians has an ISBN 9783839123096 and consists of 100 pages.

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