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11 songs that every organizer needs in their playlist

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Everyone has their favorite songs for special occasions - a playlist for the gym, one for work, one to clean up, and one to warm up before the next party - but do you have a soundtrack for your own events too?

In case such a playlist is still missing in your collection, we have put together nine songs here that every organizer should have on their smartphone, in their cloud or, for me, old school on their Discman.

1. Iggy Pop: The Passanger

Why? Iggy Pops classic The Passenger just always puts you in a good mood. You are really drawn under the spell of the music and every event manager knows it only too well: to drive through the night in ecstasy after an event, with the feeling that this night is only for you.

2. Talking Heads: Psycho Killer

Why? The frustration of an event manager is often very great. Let's admit it, sometimes you have the feeling to say and explain everything three times and still have to do it yourself in the end. You are held up by unnecessary calls and emails, you are tense and nervous and you really just want to throw in the towel and run away. But it is precisely these extreme ups and downs that can occur within a very short time that make the job what it is. In any case, one thing is clear; the Talking heads understand you

3. Journey: Don’t Stop Believin ’

Why? Organizing events definitely has beautiful sides, but also moments that almost drive you crazy. You shouldn't lose the belief that your event will be fully booked in the end, that all guests will have a great time and that your event will become a top event that nobody will want to miss in the future.

4. Daft Punk: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Why? When the big day finally comes, it's best to get yourself in the right mood for the upcoming event as soon as you get up. And what better way to do that than with this motivational classic from Daft Punk? To give your self-confidence an extra push on the day of the event, you can take the Superman pose in the spirit of this Daft Punk song to strengthen your self-confidence.

5. Charles Bradley: No Time for Dreamin ‘

Why? After months of planning, the time to dream is finally over. Today is the day your event will finally take place! You will certainly have your hands full, but thanks to your meticulous preparation, everything is guaranteed to go according to plan.

6. Deichkind: Think big

Why? As the organizer of the event, you are largely responsible for ensuring that your guests have a great time and experience something extraordinary, which they can then tell the world about. So: think big!

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7. Queen, David Bowie: Under Pressure

Why? The name says it all. As an event manager you are constantly under a lot of pressure and keeping the right balance between job, passion, social environment and time for yourself is anything but easy. Queen and Bowie felt you!

8. Fatboy Slim: Praise You

Why?When the event is finally in full swing, even the most reluctant guests will relax at some point and try a few moves on the dance floor. At concerts or festivals, dancing is, of course, a natural part of everything for all visitors. But anyone who has ever experienced a B2B business conference knows that the networking parties that follow will have the most interesting dance performances to marvel at after a drink or two.

9. Elton John: I'm still standing

Why? This is your "I did it" anthem! Because as stressful the job as an event manager can be, you love it just as much. When you have once again brought a successful event behind you, there is only one thing left to hope for before you can finally fall into bed: Have enough pictures and videos been made to tell posterity about your event success and as marketing material for the next one Serve event?

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10. Nina Simone: Feelin ‘Good

Why? When the event is over and the last guest has left the location, you can breathe a sigh of relief and pat yourself on the shoulder for being such a great host. This is the perfect post event song to enjoy in the calm after the storm.

11. Puff Daddy And Mase: Can't Nobody Hold Me Down

Why?Because you are probably already at your next event in your mind. As a professional organizer, there is no end to an event. It applies after the event, is before the event! But now you've only really got going for everything that lies ahead of you - and really nobody can stop you!

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