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Tokyo Ghoul: Seasons and Episode Guide

The successful mix of dark fantasy, horror and mystery

In "Tokyo Ghoul" Ken is condemned to eke out his life as a carnivorous ghoul after being attacked. You can find everything about the anime series in the episode guide.

  • After a failed date with the pretty Lisa, Ken ekes out a life as a half-ghoul.
  • Lisa dies in an accident, but her bite wound almost killed Ken.
  • Fans of dark action anime should definitely take a look at the hugely successful anime series "Tokyo Ghoul".

With "Tokyo Ghoul" you can expect an action-packed mix of dark fantasy, horror and splatter elements. A date has fatal consequences for Ken Kaneki: The lady turns out to be a carnivorous ghoul and has looked at Ken. He just thinks about the attack and has to undergo emergency surgery. He gets the organs of his attacker transplanted. In Germany, ProSieben Maxx showed the anime as a TV premiere.

Tokyo Ghoul: Current broadcast dates

"Tokyo Ghoul" premiered in 2014 on the Japanese broadcaster Tokyo MX. Just one year later, ProSieben Maxx secured the German broadcasting rights and showed the dark fantasy anime in the night program. The popular mix of horror, fantasy and hard action has been on free TV since 2015. We list all broadcast dates in the overview. You can catch up on the latest episodes at Joyn.

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Tokyo Ghoul: Seasons and Episode Guide

Our episode guide offers you an overview of all episodes of the four seasons of the anime series.

The Tokyo Ghoul episode guide includes 4 seasons with 48 episodes. You can see the episode list of the individual seasons below.

Tip! A compact episode list for Tokyo Ghoul can be found below in the article.

Tokyo Ghoul: right 2

2018 • 12 episodes

In season 4 of "Tokyo Ghoul", the CCG special unit succeeds in locating the headquarters of Aogiri Tree. Ayato is accompanied by Touka and Yomo on a rescue mission to free the kidnapped Hinami. Haise Sasaki now knows of his true identity, Ken Kanaki. So Ken gathers the remaining members of Aogiri Tree around him and founds a new ghoul organization. The final showdown between the ghouls and the CCG takes place.

The season is not available as a stream

List of Tokyo Ghoul episodes

season 1

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
1x4Lord's SupperSuper25.07.2014
1x9Bird cageBirdcage29.08.2014
1x10Phoenix treeAogiri05.09.2014
1x11Wildly determinedHigh spirits12.09.2014

season 2

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
2x1New strengthNew surge09.01.2015
2x2Flower danceDancing Flowers16.01.2015
2x3The hanged manHangman23.01.2015
2x4depthDeeper Layers30.01.2015
2x6A thousand stepsThousand Paths13.02.2015
2x8There was onceOld Nines27.02.2015
2x9City full of hopeCity in Waiting06.03.2015
2x10Final rainLast rain13.03.2015
2x11Sea of ​​flowersDeluge of Flowers20.03.2015

season 3

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
3x1Start - hunterThose Who Hunt: Start03.04.2018
3x2Member fragmentFragment: member10.04.2018
3x3Fresh - pre-partyfresh: Eve17.04.2018
3x4auctionMAIN: Auction24.04.2018
3x5Press - night of distractionPress: Night of Scattering01.05.2018
3x6So, twist, ultimately ...turn: In the End08.05.2018
3x7Days full of memories - minmind: Days of Recollections15.05.2018
3x8TAKe - The twisting oneTAKe: One Who Writhes22.05.2018
3x9play - souls of the deadplay: Departed Spirit29.05.2018
3x10Be unsure - thinkthink: Sway05.06.2018
3x11Missing - writEwritE: The Absent One12.06.2018
3x12Daybreak - Beautiful DreamBeautiful Dream: Daybreak19.06.2018

Season 4

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
4x1And once again - PlacePlace: And So, Once Again09.10.2018
4x2White darkness - voltsVOLT: White Darkness16.10.2018
4x3Cross Game Unionunion: Close Game23.10.2018
4x4Battered - Vivevive: Those Left Behind30.10.2018
4x5Encounter, perplexity - MoveMovE: Confluence, Confusion06.11.2018
4x6Glorious - FaceFACE: Effulgence13.11.2018
4x7Tape - proofproof: bonds20.11.2018
4x8The awakened child - Incarnationincarnation: Awakened Child27.11.2018
4x9Memory - Morsemorse: Remembrances04.12.2018
4x10End of the tragedycall: The Far Side of Tragedy11.12.2018
4x11Act - chance encounterACT: Encounters18.12.2018
4x12.The Final Episode25.12.2018
  1. plot
  2. Tokyo Ghoul: dubbing
  3. Tokyo Ghoul: Production
  4. Season 1 to 4
  5. Alternatives to "Tokyo Ghoul"

Tokyo Ghoul: plot

After the attack of the ghoul, Ken himself feels a strange need for human flesh. The student first has to come to terms with the new situation. Since he had some organs transplanted for his attacker, Ken is a rare half-ghoul. At first the student does not want to recognize his new nature and finds refuge in Café Antik.

But Ken is kidnapped and tortured by a group of extremist ghouls. During the events, Ken changes and joins the Aogiri Tree group, which is fighting against the CCG, an anti-ghoul unit. Difficult times lie ahead for the student.

Beware of spoilers: The last two seasons are about the broken half-ghoul Haise Sasaki, who belongs to the CCG special unit called Quinks. Only with the help of a friend can Haise remember his earlier life as Ken Kaneki and turn against his friends in the special unit.

Tokyo Ghoul: dubbing

The Berlin studio VSI Synchron GmbH was responsible for the synchronization. "Tokyo Ghoul" also has many well-known speakers. For example, in the role of Ken and Haise, you will hear Ricardo Richter, who also lends his voice to Dabi in "My Hero Academia".

Sarah Tkotsch speaks the role of Hinami Fueguchi in the German audio version. Tkotsch also speaks Hitoka Yachi in "Haikyu !!" Shuu Tsukiyama will be spoken by Dirk Stollberg, whom you will also hear as Klaus Keyman in "Star Blazers 2202: Space Battleship Yamato".

Tokyo Ghoul: Production

"Tokyo Ghoul" is based on the manga of the same name by Sui Ishida, which was published between 2011 and 2014 and is completed in 14 paperbacks. Between 2014 and 2018, the manga was given a 16-volume sequel with "Tokyo Ghoul: re".

The traditional forge Studio Pierrot was responsible for the anime adaptation. Pierrot is surely known to you because of her classics and adaptations to "Kickers", "Naruto" or "Bleach".

Tokyo Ghoul: This is how you find your way around the seasons

The season names can cause confusion. These are not simply numbered, but are based on the manga template.

  • Season 1: Tokyo Ghoul
  • Season 2: Tokyo Ghoul √A
  • Season 3: Tokyo Ghoul: right
  • Season 4: Tokyo Ghoul: re 2

Alternatives to "Tokyo Ghoul"

If you enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul and want more epic battles and secrets, then you should definitely take a look at Attack on Titan. Mystery fans will certainly get their money's worth with "Death Note" and more fantastic action awaits you in the sci-fi anime "Sword Art Online", in which the players of a virtual reality online game can no longer log out .

In "Attack on Titan", Eren Jäger joins the reconnaissance party to explore the land outside the vast walls of the kingdom. Here they have to defend themselves against huge titans. But Eren has the ability to transform into a titan too. An incident in his childhood is apparently linked to a major royal family conspiracy.

In "Death Note", Light Yagami finds a notebook. The god of death Ryuk dropped it on earth and everyone whose name is noted in the notebook dies. Soon a cat-and-mouse game about the Death Note begins, which fundamentally changes the student.

Tokyo Ghoul

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