Mascara shortens your lashes

Eyelash lifting: yes, these are my eyelashes!

What woman would not want such Bambi eyes with great, curved eyelashes? Or at least to have a more alert look and bigger eyes in the morning without any effort? At least I do! And that's exactly what I got from an eyelash lift!

I'm not exactly endowed with beautiful and long eyelashes. They stand straight out from the eye and are therefore unfortunately seen from the frontinvisible

Claudia, the personable beautician from in the salon on Mühlegasse in Zurich, has theMagic! She conjures up my eyelashes visibly through an eyelash lift and gets thatmaximumout of them.

Relatively unsuspecting, I went to the agreed appointment. I only knew the slightly creepy pictures during the treatment (you will see them of me in a moment) but also the great before and after results of some friends. Yes, there aremen toothat of thisoptically natural treatment Make use.

I usually don't like it when other people fondle my eyes. Everyone assured me that the eyelash liftabsolutely painless and I don't have to do anything except keep my eyes closed. Soc'mon I thought, I can do that and let myself befirst time lift my eyelashes.

The pictures actually speak for themselves. If you are interested in the treatment and maybe, like me, you have never had an eyelash lift, then you are hereprecisely arrived.

Eyelash lifting

The treatment takes about 60 minutes and promises an intense lash curl and a perfect look, which can be up to six weeks should stop. And all without make-up, false eyelashes and eyelash curlers.

With a special permanent wave serum and a stencil, which is available in different sizes, your own eyelashes are gently and lively lifted upwards. The curve is created via the silicone pad directly on the lower edge of the lashes on the eyelid. From there, the eyelashes run straight up. Even the small, short eyelash hairs come with me.

Even if the picture looks a bit "creepy", the treatment wasn't uncomfortable at all. I was so relaxed that I even nodded off for a moment.

My explanation as a layman:


1. First, the eye areas, especially the eyelashes, are thorough cleaned.

2. The lower lash line is covered with a pad.

3. Then combs well through the eyelashes with a brush.

4. A Gel cushion is glued to the upper eyelid directly on the lash line. The curvature of the eyelashes can be influenced by choosing the shape of this pillow.

5. The eyelashes are brushed upwards and attached to the gel cushion with a skin-friendly adhesive fixed

Magic Process

The prepared eyelashes are covered with afirst lotion dabs, which the eyelashes nicely upwardslifts. After a short exposure time, this is removed and asecond lotion plotted showing this bendfixed.

dye eyelashes

To intensify the result, Claudia also tints my eyelashes Black blue. Uhh I ask critically why she chose this color. But the explanation was understandable - this combination enhances the shine.


The lifting gives the eyes - even without mascara - more expression. My eyelashes are working longer and denser. Even without mascara, they look like I've given them a shower. That's why I completely avoided eye makeup for the first week and enjoyed my own beautiful eyelashes.

Woke up like this

Even mine Sleep eye (I have fewer eyelashes there) - the effect is stunning! You can guess which one it is, I won't tell, and neither will my lashes.

Wearing comfort

Shortly after the treatment, my eyes were extremely little irritated. I have to mention here that I am totally sensitive around the eyes. But in comparison to eyelash extensions, the brief, slightly uncomfortable feeling is not worth mentioning and quickly disappears after a few blinkers.

After the treatment, my eyelashes were stretched upwards so tightly that when I bent my head down slightly and looked over the edge of the glasses - the eyelashes lightly touched my upper eyelid. This also reminds me to work on my posture.


After the eyelash lift you should wait approx. 24 hours and do not wet the eyelashes or bring them into contact with lotions, make-up removal wipes, etc. My subsequent planned visit to Papilorama fell into the water after this information. But that didn't matter, I have now Butterfly eyes! Sorry, the effect makes me a bit excited (even now after 4 weeks), but at the same time still incredibly happy!


To remove makeup works as usual. It is advisable to comb the eyelashes with a brush, for example, after showering, so that they can be used again order prevails. Most of the time (at least for now) they stick together for me in such a way that they look like little stars.


The natural growth cycle of eyelashes is approx. 6-8 weeks. This is how long the eyelash lift lasts, after which the eyelashes fall out as usual.

Difference between eyelash lifting and eyelash curling

With the well-known eyelash wave, the eyelashes are actually rolled up on very small curlers (similar to a permanent wave for the hair). The eyelashes appear due to the strong rounding, even if they are curved -visually shortened. With eyelash lifting, you simply bend and stretch the eyelash hair upwards, which really reveals the length of the eyelashes.

In short; The eyelash lift is one compared to the eyelash waveoverworked andgentlerApplication technique for more voluminous eyelashes.

Eyelash lifting is also a natural alternative to eyelash extensions. But as is the case with these eyelash extensionsAddictive hip, trendy, popular. As soon as 'fresh eyelashes' have grown back, I will probably go straight back to the lift.

No DIY treatment

In my opinion, doing an eyelash lift yourself is simply impossible, since the treatment is carried out with your eyes closed. Because of the use of chemicals, you should only be appropriately trainedSpecialist entrust them in a beauty salon with experience.

Even if this was my first eyelash lift, I can already recommend Claudia to you. She really did a great job. Here you can find Claudia's contact details.

In cooperation with, Mühlegasse 5, Zurich

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