Why do we feel relaxed while cooking?

Cooking for relaxation

In the evening we prefer to eat comfortably in good company. It is the perfect time to relax from a busy day and to relax. Those who come home in the evening tend to get the cooking over with as quickly as possible. For many people, cooking is stressful and work-intensive. But that's not necessary, because cooking helps you relax and focus on one thing. The stressful everyday life fades into the background and you can concentrate fully on the various ingredients and go on a journey of discovery. So it's no wonder that many people are passionate about being at the stove. There are some tips on how to make cooking a relaxation exercise and how to prevent stress from building up.

Find the right recipe

The internet is full of recipes, but not all of them are easy to recreate. For a relaxing evening, we recommend a recipe that requires cutting work at the beginning and then cooks by itself. So you have enough time to tidy up the kitchen and set the table. There are many everyday recipes that consist of simple steps so that one does not get overwhelmed. It is best to read the recipe carefully beforehand so that you know exactly what to expect. The various steps require concentration and distraction, so that you soon forget the stress of everyday life. There are lots of tips and tricks for quick meals that aren't boring.

It's also a great idea to cook for two! So you can share the tasks and have a casual conversation while doing so. The insider tip is to be aware of cooking. Take the time to serve the dish in peace and don't let other things distract you. There is enough space to try out, experiment and improvise with different ingredients. It is not about the exact implementation of a recipe, but about the cooking itself.

Enjoy the food

As soon as the food is on the table, all sources of interference should be switched off. The cell phone remains in the living room and the television is also switched off. If you want, you can play pleasant music and concentrate fully on the food. Those who eat consciously on a regular basis become more relaxed and feel better all round. Cooking and eating is a true experience for the senses, because you can taste, smell and feel the ingredients. So it's not about getting the food on the table as quickly as possible and then clearing it away again. Instead, take the time to thoroughly enjoy the meal.

light candles

If you want more cosiness, you can light candles. Setting the table and serving it with flowers or candles ensures further relaxation. Candles make the dining table look even more beautiful and give it a special atmosphere. Bolsius candles, which are available in all shapes and sizes, are recommended for this. Those who like it classic can serve the table with long tapered candles. Pillar candles look great, especially on a candle bowl. Candles are also available in different colors and scents. The slight movements of the flame have a calming effect and exude comfort. And there is another positive effect: the soft candlelight can create a romantic mood. When the light is dark, we perceive the food more contemplatively and feel more relaxed.

Music while cooking

It's not new to us that music can have a relaxing effect. While cooking, a good playlist can provide the right music. If you don't want to be distracted, it is best to use relaxed music. As an alternative to relaxing music, you can also choose an invigorating playlist of songs to sing along to. There are even music cookbooks that are great gifts too!

Cooking is an act of mindfulness. With these tips you can turn a daily task into a real hobby. Cooking becomes a relaxation exercise and no longer feels annoying. This ensures heavenly peace in hectic everyday life. Another advantage is that you have something tasty to eat straight after cooking and you feel more balanced. When at some point the head understands that cooking is relaxing, the very thought of it creates pure joy. Bon appetit and have fun cooking!

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