What is Email Spam Filtering

How to deal with spam properly

If spam has not been filtered out in advance, it is necessary to identify it yourself. Here only one delivers experienced handling of spam e-mails reliably Protection. Many e-mails can already be exposed as spam via their subject: this often indicates, for example, a profit notification, lewd content or advertised savings opportunities. If such a mail got through the spam filter, it should be marked as spam by the user afterwards. By assigning it to the spam folder, a filter can learn and sort out such emails directly in the future.

Under no circumstances should links and file attachments from suspicious emails be opened. There is often spam behind unknown senders and strange-sounding subject lines.

However, if it should happen that malware content was opened, only one Antivirus program protect the computer. This software is there to detect known viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, etc. As soon as malware tries to access a computer, this process is blocked by the virus protection program. However, since the software can only identify and block known malicious programs in advance, virus protection does not offer absolute security. However, an antivirus is one of the fundamental security measures a computer has to take.

Make sure that the operating system is always updated with the latest updates in order to close security gaps. It is also advisable to save the most important data on the computer with a backup on another medium. Because if the system has been damaged by malware, you have at least a backup copy. If you want to protect yourself comprehensively against spam emails and their consequences, you should have a spam filter, an antimalware program and a backup. In addition, caution when entering your own email address and opening suspicious emails is the best protection.