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K-Pop star Nayeon allegedly under police protection after alleged stalking by a German fan

The management of the girls' band Twice, one of the world's most popular K-Pop girl groups, has announced legal action after a man allegedly tried to get himself singer Nayeon on New Year's Day during a flight from Japan to Korea. to approach. The alleged German suspect had often posted on social media about attempts to meet the star in person.

According to the English-language K-Pop blog "allkpop", the management announced that the suspect found out which flight the group would take from Japan to South Korea and then booked a ticket. Several times he tried to approach Nayeon loudly on board, but was stopped by the band's security team. The 24-year-old singer was then placed under police protection and had expressed "considerable feelings of discomfort and fear". It is now being investigated how the group's flight information and travel routes could be leaked.

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    The four women from Blackpink are not only going through the roof with their music in their home country Korea, but are currently the most sought-after girl band in the world. Her single "Kill This Love" broke a YouTube record: it was clicked almost 60 million times within 24 hours. When marketing the group, the YG Entertainment label clearly follows the motto "sex sells".

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    BTS (Bangtan Boys)

    The BTS group is currently the undisputed leader in the K-pop cosmos. In the "Social 50" ranking of the US weekly newspaper Billboard, which measures the worldwide popularity of artists in social networks, they have been in first place for years; They broke records on YouTube and TikTok. The internationally successful band recently took a break - to recharge their batteries.

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    EXO landed just behind BTS in Billboard's "Social 50" ranking. They are divided into EXO-M (Mandarin) for the Chinese market and EXO-K for the Korean market. In 2014, two band members filed a lawsuit. Kris Wu and Luhan accused SM Entertainment of treating them unfairly and causing them health problems with their methods. The label rejected that.

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    Cha In Ha

    The music from South Korea has millions of fans worldwide and is one of the country's biggest export hits. For the many bands that means tough competition. At the end of 2019, the K-pop singers Goo Hara from the girl band Kara and Sulli from f (x) were found dead. With the death of actor and singer Cha In Ha (picture), K-Pop was shaken again.

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    Big crowd favorites in K-Pop heaven are also GOT7. In 2014 the seven-piece boy band took the charts by storm and landed with their first album "Got It?" even ranked # 1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart; further top placements followed. Both on the stages of the world and in social networks, the boys know how to inspire their - especially female - fans.

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    Stray kids

    Stray Kids were cast in a reality show of the same name in 2017 and have long been at the top of the K-Pop business. On their European tour in the summer, they also performed in front of thousands of spectators in Berlin. At the end of October it became known that band member Woojin was leaving the group for "personal reasons". Management apologized to the fans for "any inconvenience".

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    MONSTA X were also cast on television at an elimination show and have already shrunk by one member since they were founded in 2015. According to media reports, Wonho is said to be in debt. The Starship Entertainement label announced that there would be six of the band from now on so that the latest events would not distract from "all the exciting things" that MONSTA X is experiencing.

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    NCT (Neo Culture Technology) consist of 21 members who are divided into four subgroups - a common practice in K-Pop to target the various Asian music markets in a more targeted manner. NCT 127 are currently particularly successful. This year they were the first K-Pop group to appear in the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (picture) in New York.

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    The 13-member boy band Seventeen has three subgroups, each specializing in rap and hip-hop, singing and choreography. What is extraordinary is that they are heavily involved in the production of music and dances. Just recently, Seventeen announced that member S. Coups is on pause for the time being. They spoke of health problems and anxiety and asked the fans for understanding.

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    Big bang

    In 2012 Big Bang, one of the most successful K-Pop bands of all, were still five on stage (picture). In the meantime, this group has also shrunk by one member: Lee Seung-hyun, better known under the stage name Seungri, has been investigated since March for allegedly part of a prostitution ring. Then he ended his career. The trial is still pending.

    Author: Bettina Baumann

Denials on Twitter

The suspect, allegedly a German citizen, had posted on social media for weeks that he wanted to meet the K-Pop star. After the incident, he wrote on Twitter that he did not want to disturb Nayeon, but wanted to hand over her "love letters" and confess his love, but two managers "jumped" on him for no reason.

Numerous fans of the band reacted with concern to the incident and urged the young man on Twitter to leave Nayeon alone. "She's scared of you! Stop it!" wrote several users.

The South Korean K-Pop scene has been rocked by scandals over and over again in recent months and years. Three former members of different bands apparently committed suicide. Others complained of burnout and cyberbullying. In addition, two former singers were sentenced to prison terms for sexual assault last year. An ex-member of the "Big Bang" group is under investigation for illegal prostitution.