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The 43 Best Fantasy Books of 2020

The experts at the Graff bookstore in Braunschweig tell us every month which new fantasy releases and bestsellers are really worth reading. Here we present our joint top 43 best list of fantasy books 2020:

Andreas EschbachA man's wings

Akram El BahayMinistry of Souls - The Shadow Gate

Linda RottlerThe city of glassy dreams

Melanie LaneOf blood & magic

Oliver SchlickRory Shy, the shy detective

Robert Jackson BennettThe key to magic

Samantha ShannonThe Order of the Secret Tree

Siri PettersenBubble

Liza GrimmTalus: The Witches of Edinburgh

Catherine Herzog The Mists of Skye

Sam Sykes Seven black blades

Christina Henry The Chronicles of Alice: The Black Queen

Camila Bruce Pepper-Man

Alard von Kittlitz Special

Thomas Taylor Malamander

Emily Bold Stoles: woven in love

Stephen King Bloody news

Shaun Hamill The house of dark dreams

Katherine Applegate Endling: The search begins / companions and friends

Stephenie Meyer Bite to the midnight sun

Kiera Cass Promised

Christian trade Rowan & Ash: A labyrinth of shadow and magic

Mara Lang Silence & Chaos - Fate of the Heroes

Rena Fischer Elben Dunkel - No way back

Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games: The Song of the Bird and the Snake

Cassandra Clare Wesley Chu The Red Scrolls

Karolyn Ciseau Ezlyn: Under the sign of the seer

Mary E. GarnerThe book of erased words

Sebastien de CastellSpellslinger: Cards of Fate

Ava ReedAshes and Souls: Wings of Fire and Darkness

Leigh BardugoGolden flames

Philip PullmannTo the other end of the world

Katja AmmnDarker Things - A love between the worlds

Christina HenryThe Chronicles of Alice

Peter McLeanPriest of Bones - The Battle for the Rose Throne

Francesco DimitriThe book of hidden things

Tobias GoldfarbNo man's city

Jennifer L. ArmentroutRebellion - Shadow Storm (Revenge 2)

Brandon SandersonThe dancer on the precipice

Benedict JackaThe Magician of London

Julia DippelCassardim - Beyond the Golden Bridge

Raymond A. VillarealThe Chronicle of the Revolt of the Vampires

Rebecca KuangUnder the sign of the poppy: the shaman

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Ms. Bluhm celebrates Andreas Eschbach as a fantasy poet for his novel “Eine Menschen wing”

The stars have disappeared behind clouds for ever. But there is one who does not want to accept this - with fatal consequences ... Ms. Bluhm discusses Andreas Eschbach's “One Man's Wing”.

Until now, everyone has accepted that no one has ever seen the stars because the sky is shielded by a cloud cover. Everyone except Owen, who as a little boy asks about the stars. And henceforth spends every minute of his existence training his wings to achieve his great goal. As a young adult, he finally succeeds in flying to where a human's wings could never reach, but this unprecedented event triggers a domino effect with fatal consequences for all of humanity.

Andreas Eschbach A man's wings ISBN 978-3-78572702-7, 1,264 pages | € 26.00, Lübbe. Order now

A final affairs agent

Jack is in the middle of training to become a soulman - an agent who in 19th century London ensures that the souls of the deceased can be accessed through certain portals Other side reach. Actually, he has not yet qualified for real field assignments, but because of an assassination attempt on King’s Cross, his colleagues are so busy that he has to do an assignment without further ado. An oriental delegation was murdered at Buckingham Palace and someone has to take care of it. On site, however, Jack discovers that the princess who was traveling with him is still alive. Without further ado, he brings her through the portal to save her. But that doesn't work as planned, especially since he is attacked by a dangerous shadow. Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

Akram El Bahay kidnaps us with his Dark fantasy-Story “Das Schattentor” in a gloomy world that plays between life and death, which is similar to ours, but is completely alien to us. Jack's travels on the Other side and his attempts to save not only the princess, but also the world in between, are incredibly exciting!

Akram El Bahay Ministry of Souls - The Shadow Gate, ISBN 978-3-404-20965-1, 352 pages, € 16.00, Bastei Lübbe.Order from Graff

What would you do to save your dreams

Nevya has an extraordinary gift, her dreams are like reality to her. Only in them does the girl feel at home. But one day the unbelievable happens - Nevya loses her fantastic gift. The loss plunges them into a deep crisis. Nevya can use any means to regain this ability. In search of it, she gets caught in a dangerous vortex of secrets. Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

At first glance, Nevya isn't exactly a person I can empathize with. In fact, to get her gift back, she is ready for almost anything. In this way, one gets involved in a fence and thus puts oneself and others in danger. Still, the novel entertained me well. And in the course of the plot we get to know the main character from a more soulful side, which I really liked. “The City of Glass Dreams” is an adventurous novel for everyone High fantasyFans.

Linda Rottler The city of glass dreams ISBN 978-3-423-71868-4, 349 pages, € 10.95, dtv. Order from Graff

From waitress to princess

Lilly's life is made up of shades of gray. She is a waitress in a small café and lives alone in a cozy loft. From one day to the next, however, her life changes completely: She is kidnapped by a strange man and if you believe the kidnapper, Lilly is the missing princess of the Otherworld. From now on she no longer faces unfriendly customers, but rather demons, angels and other mystical beings. She becomes a target in a centuries-old battle for the throne of the Otherworld. There is also Lucan Vale, a mysterious, emotionally cold warrior with whom she has a supernatural connection.

Why I like the novel:

When I read the book, I had butterflies in my stomach. On the one hand it was tingling and exciting, but also romantic and soulful. Together with Lilly you get to know another world, full of magic, love and war. All in all, "Of Blood & Magic - The Lost Princess" is aRomantasy novelwho keeps his promise.

Melanie Lane Of Blood & Magic - The Lost Princess ISBN 978-3-95452-970-4, 452 pages, € 15.90, Isegrim Verlag.Order from Graff

A detective with a magical investigation method
Mathilda is a huge fan of Rory Shy, the shy detective. Everyone is wondering how he can solve his cases even though he doesn't dare to question suspects or question witnesses. Mathilda is also curious. When she was walking her dog Dr. Herkenrath gets the chance to bail Rory out of a mess, one thing is clear: she will be his intern and can finally find out what his secret is. And right next to it, she helps him solve his next big case! Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

Rory is one of the nicest detectives in literature. Its magical power is definitely entertaining! Mathilda is loud, cheeky and pretty smart and so as a reader you are with one of the funniest and most personable investigative duos of all time. Just lovely!

Oliver Schlick Rory Shy, the shy detective ISBN 978-3-7641-5188-1, 320 pages, € 14.95, Ueberreuter. Order from Graff

Slave? Thief? Most dangerous woman in Tevanne!

Sancia has a rare talent: when she touches an object, she can sense all its sensations and memories. This comes in handy when your survival depends on breaking into buildings and stealing things. But after one of her assignments everything changes. Not only did she accidentally set the entire port on fire - also the simple box she let go is not without: Inside is a speaking key that claims to be able to open every door and that will take you to the destination of the Makes rich and powerful in the city.

Little by little, Sancia realizes the extent of the intrigues in the city into which she has maneuvered through the theft - will she succeed in stopping the dark forces of evil and saving her own life?Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

This novel is a compelling mix of Steampunk andLow fantasy. The characters and their motivations are delicately interwoven and illustrate life in a cruel city where magic and abuse of power are the order of the day. Exciting, mystical and bloody unfolds the panorama of a broken society in which each individual is fighting for survival.

Robert Jackson BennettThe key to magic ISBN 978-3-7341-6266-4, 608 pages, € 15.00, Blanvalet Verlag.Order from Graff

Fafnir, Lofwyr, and now the Nameless ONE - cold war in Dragon

The kingdoms of Seiiki and Ynes could not be more spatially or spiritually more different. In the former, dragon riders, like the young Tanè, are trained completely normally. In Ynes, dragons are the ultimate evil. Here only the existence of Queen Sabran prevents the nameless One from waking up and throwing the world into chaos. But the queen's life hangs by a thread. The magician Ead, disguised as a maid, has already foiled several attacks on her life. But the dragon riders of the Seiiki Empire may have nothing to do with it ...Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

Samantha Shannon writes in herLow fantasy novel, which will be joined by at least one successor title, about two factions that, despite their opposing views, have to find each other in order to avert the worst. The setting couldn't be more fantastic and the development of the characters promises a brilliant finale.

Samantha ShannonThe Order of the Secret Tree ISBN 978-3-7645-3239-0, 546 pages, € 20.00, Penhaligon Verlag.Order from Graff

Urban fantasy for everyone who sometimes just thinks the world is “beautiful”!

It's really not easy for Kine. Her mother keeps screeching like a seagull, saying that they will all die of microscopic bacteria. Her father is only interested in earthquakes and stones. And at school, Kine is an absolute loner and is bullied by Jarle and his nasty gang. Especially the swimming lessons are the real horror for her, after all, this is where she got her terrible nickname "Bubble".

When everything really gets out of hand during a swimming lesson, she quickly takes refuge in her favorite place - the cemetery with the crooked bench. There she stumbles over a glass ball with a strange doll in it, which has magical abilities and can grant her every wish as long as it is inside. But is that really the solution to your problems?

Why I like the novel:

Kine is an unusual girl. She likes skulls, listens to death metal and thinks everything around her really shit. With the magic ball, your life is turned upside down and gradually makes you think about whether it is really always the other's fault. A greatUrban fantasy book for everyone who sometimes just thinks the world sucks.

Siri PettersenBubble ISBN 978-3-96177-070-0, 333 pages, € 16.00, WOOW BOOKS.Order from Graff

Discover the magical world of Edinburgh!

The new book by Liza Grimm takes us to Edinburgh. This magical story takes place in the mystical world of Scotland and is the start of a new series.

A student who does not believe in the supernatural is suddenly faced with a ghost. A young witch who curses her great talent and a tarot teller who is afraid of the future: this story revolves around Erin, Luzia and Noah. The novel is described from the three perspectives of the main characters. So you get to know them all very well. I really liked the switch between the three different perspectives. This gives you new insights into the magical world of the three.Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

Liza Grimm managed to meet me with her newUrban fantasy Immediately cast a spell over the work. The magical world she designed is difficult to escape!

Liza GrimmTalus: The Witches of Edinburgh ISBN 978-3-426-52628-6, 350 pages, € 12.99, Droemer Knaur.Order from Graff

Magical winter holidays with a touch of romance ...

When Enya's family received an invitation from Aunt Mathilda to the New Year's Eve ball in Scotland, the joy was limited at first. Only Enya sees this excursion as a chance to get ideas for her short film. Once there, she is immediately enchanted by the Isle of Skye, but even more so by the boy Jonah and his tame bear. But Aunt Mathilda is not who she seems to be because she is keeping a dark secret.Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

ThisRomantasy book is enchanting and magical at the same time. Jona is not a bad boy but a boy who has his heart in the right place - a dream for many girls. He also took my heart by storm, just like this story.

Catherine HerzogThe Mists of Skye ISBN 978-3-7432-0620-5, 400 pages, € 14.95, Loewe Verlag.Order from Graff

Bizarre magic, a mysterious pistol and an execution

The rebellion must use all means in the fight against the empire and therefore regularly publicly executes prisoners. One of these prisoners is Sal. But before her death, Sal would like to tell a story that - as it gradually turns out - seems to be very important and informative for the rebellion: It tells colorfully of brutal battles, bizarre use of magic and not least of all by a group of magicians who, drunk with power, resort to the most peculiar means. And then there is the unique pistol, which, together with Sal, is so shrouded in mystery that the execution cannot be carried out before the end of the story.Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

Sam Sykes succeeds in this High fantasy novel impressively to establish a comprehensible magic system, as well as to draw scenes and events so aptly that it completely captivates the reader. At the same time, he builds up the characters in such a fascinating way that in the end you just want to experience more of this world. The story is so round that you get scared that the book might stand on its own.

Sam Sykes Seven black blades ISBN 978-3-492-70571-4, 685 pages, € 18.00, Piper Verlag. Order from Graff

Alice's promise - the madness continues

Alice did it. She escaped the city's nightmare and now has to keep a promise. Together with her protector Hatcher, she travels to the unknown east to find Hatcher's daughter Jenny, who has been kidnapped and sold. But the two only get to one more terrible place: the realm of the white queen. Here magicians play malicious power games among themselves and everything living around them pays the price. If Alice and Hatcher want to continue their journey, they have to stand up to the white queen. Alice has to learn to use her magical powers or she will never leave the realm alive ... Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

The second part of the Dark fantasy Alice retelling. There is no beautiful fairy tale here, no radiant heroes. Just two broken people clinging to their last hope in a nightmarish world. Gripping and rousing written! If you want more, you can look forward to the next fairy tale adaptations by Christina Henry.

Christina Henry The Chronicles of Alice: The Black Queen ISBN 978-3-76453235-2, 336 pages, € 18.00, Penhaligon. Order from Graff

Immerse yourself in the scary world of Pepper-Man!

Cassandra Tripp was an extraordinary woman: a successful and eccentric writer and also the accused in two homicides. But now this mysterious woman is dead. She leaves a book for her descendants. This book is supposed to be her life story.The story Cassandra tells us begins in her childhood. It is a story of bloody nights, gifts made of bones, a husband made of stones and twigs, and a mysterious being - the Pepper-Man. This can only be seen by Cassandra - he protects her from all evil ... Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

The description of Camila Bruces Horror novel sounds very weird at first. In this book, the reader is taken into a mystical world. Cassandra's descendants have to read their entire manuscript to get a password, because that's the only way to get their inheritance. The strange and mystical world that Bruce creates in her novel reminded me in many ways of the films of Guillermo del Toro. A unique work that you have to let it sink in after reading it.

Camila Bruce Pepper-Man ISBN 978-3-42652432-9, 252 pages, € 12.99, Droemer Knaur Verlag. Order from Graff

Peter designs a high-tech gadget and meets the stunning Anne

Peter Siebert is the "Complete Package" of the post-Corona design world. He designs products for companies that are sure to become a market success. Peter just knows what's going to be the latest trend. So one day he will be hired to design a new high-tech gadget that will push the brains of all people up. His client, the millionaire Drew Itautis, takes him on a journey of inspiration through the world, which Peter meets with extraordinary characters and the irresistible Anne. But everyone is playing a double game and so Peter is soon caught in a web of lies and intrigues that seem to be less and less about the gadget and more and more about himself. Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

This is not your typical SciFi novel. No, it's more like a Sciencenovelwho examines life in our capitalist, postmodern society in a serene way, in which data and brain waves are the most important commodities and the stories of the individual people are increasingly taking a back seat. With a mixture of lyrical prose and reflective distance, Alard von Kittlitz manages to tell the story of a man whose special abilities are at the same time his fate, as well as to show the stories behind the people we meet in everyday life.

Alard von Kittlitz Special ISBN 978-3-492-07024-9, 320 pages, € 22.00, Piper Verlag. Order from Graff

The malamander is a monster that lays a wish-egg every year

Eerie-on-Sea is a small seaside resort - full of guests in summer, completely empty and full of cold fog in winter. It is a mysterious place, because this is where the malamander is up to mischief. You ask what the malamander is anyway? Nobody really knows, maybe a being, half fish, half human, with needle-sharp teeth and tentacles ... A horrible monster that lays an egg once a year. And this egg can fulfill every wish. Really everyone!

It goes without saying that quite a few people are after this egg. So does Violet Parma - but actually she doesn't want to find the egg, but her parents, who disappeared a long time ago. Together with the 12-year-old property finder Herbert Lemon, she goes on a search and discovers many dark secrets in the fog of Eerie-on-Sea.Look into the book

Why I like the novel:

“Malamander” is an incredibly good, exciting and sometimes also scary one Fantasy–Reading fun for all kids from 11. Discovering the Malamander with Herbert and Violet is a great adventure and Eerie-on-Sea is a place that is sure to hide even more secrets.

Thomas Taylor Malamander ISBN 978-3-446-26821-0, 288 pages, € 17.00, Hanser Verlag. Order from Graff

What if the first kiss costs you your soul?

Great! As soon as Abby has arrived at the new London school Darkenhall, she begins to hate this place. But she has no choice: Either she goes to this school for those who are difficult to educate or she only has the youth prison. Unfortunately, the students are just as bad as the whole damn facility. And then there are the Tremblay brothers too! Although Tristan seems arrogant at first and acts as if everything belongs to him, he is strangely interested in her of all people. Abby soon realizes that this attractive student is hiding a dark secret behind his beautiful blue eyes. His more reluctant brother Bastian also seems to have an unknown power, but this does not prevent the sparks from soon striking between them too. When Abby Bastian steals a ring, misfortune takes its course. Because the ring is not a normal piece of jewelry - and Abby releases a force that puts all three in great danger! Scroll through the book

Why I like the novel:

“Interwoven in Love” is a captivating one Romantasy–Love story between an incredibly cool protagonist and two seductively handsome brothers. The story about school and a mysterious force is exciting, but what interests us most: Who will Abby choose? For the charismatic daredevil or the quiet bad boy? Both are definitely really hot! A novel for everyone who likes it a little romantic.

Emily Bold Stoles: woven in love ISBN 978-3-522-50659-5, 432 pages, € 18.00, Planet! Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag.Order from Graff

A gripping volume of short stories by Stephen King

He did it again! Stephen King takes us with "Bloody News" into a world full of tension. The volume contains four new stories. In the eponymous story of the book we meet Holly Gibney, who is already known to King fans from the bestseller “The Outsider”: A package bomb causes a terrible massacre in Pittsburgh in the run-up to Christmas, which also kills several children. Holly follows the news about the accident on television - and recognizes the reporter. He is extremely similar to the shapeshifting outsider that Holly believed to have brought down. Has this terrible creature come to life again? Scroll through the book

Why I like the book:

As is so often the case, Stephen King creates a unique atmosphere in his four short stories. Not just for all King fans, but also for all lovers of good ones Horror-Stories, “Bloody News” is an absolute must! I cheered for the protagonists until the end.

Stephen King Bloody news ISBN 978-3-453-27307-8, 559 pages, € 24.00, Heyne Verlag.Order from Graff

Learn more:

A murderous dead person. A bomb attack. A writer in dialogue with a rat. And the end of the world. Stephen King's short story collection "Bloody News" in the critical bestseller review.

Never let evil in your house - Dark Fantasy at its finest!

There is a city in a world far beyond ours. It is the world of evil! It is a city that feeds evil and forces the monsters that populate it to deliver willless slaves to it - people who suddenly wake up in this world and can never flee again. But the Turner family knows nothing of any of this. But on the contrary. Sometimes it seems as if Harry, his wife and the two daughters are longing for the horror in their ideal world: They are building a huge haunted house in their garden and on Halloween people queue up to get really scared. Who would have thought that by then the Turner family would already have been targeted by the monsters? When son Noah is born, disaster takes its course - because Noah decides to open the door to her family home to the evil one. Scroll through the book

Why I like the novel:

Shaun Hamills Dark fantasy-The novel plays with the feelings of its readers: Wasn't there an unusual noise? A shadow in the mirror? A breath of air that cannot be? A wonderful horror scenario that has stuck with me. This book is definitely for everyone who loves E.A. Poe and H.P. Lovecraft and at times reminded me of the series "Stranger Things".

Shaun Hamill The house of dark dreams ISBN 978-3-453-31995-0, 464 pages, € 14.99, Heyne Verlag.Order from Graff

Our tip for teens (from 11 years):

The last of its kind - hunted by the king's soldiers

Byx is one of those Dalkins that look a bit like dogs running upright. The everyday life of their pack is anything but peaceful. They have been hunted for years for their soft fur, and so they have to live in secrecy and move from hiding place to hiding place. But one day they are discovered by the king's soldiers. Byx is the only one to survive the access because a "poacher boy" catches her and takes her away. It's good that her new Wobbyk friend Tobble does everything in his power to save her life - three times, that's Wobbyk rule. And it's also good that the poacher boy's real name is Khara, he's a girl and doesn't even think about killing Byx. Together they ask themselves whether there might be other Dalkins somewhere after all, or whether Byx really is the Endling - the last being of its kind. Scroll through the book

Why we recommend the novels:

Katherine Applegate creates a breathtaking one for us High fantasy-World as one rarely experiences it otherwise. New species, new countries and the poignant, exciting and often very funny story about Byx, Tobble and their companions: As a fantasy fan, regardless of age, you shouldn't miss all of this! The audio book is also particularly recommended. Vera Teltz brings Katherine Applegate's novel authentically to life with him.

Katherine Applegate Endling: The search begins ISBN 978-3-423-64062-6.Order from Graff

Katherine Applegate Endling: companions and friends ISBN 978-3-423-64069-5.Order from Graff

Each: 384 pages, € 15.95, dtv Verlag

Stephenie Meyer tells the story from Edward Cullen's point of view

Finally something new from Biss author Stephenie Meyer. Her TWILIGHT romance novels were on the Spiegel bestseller lists for weeks. Millions of readers have fallen in love with Edward with Bella. Now Edward takes her into the depths of his dark past.

The story of Bella and Edward is world famous! But so far readers * only know Bella's view of this beguiling love against all reason. In “Bite to the Midnight Sun”, Edward finally tells about their first encounter, which puts him to the test like nothing before in his life, because Bella is both a temptation and a promise for him. The struggle that rages inside him to save her and her love gives this unforgettable story a new, darker tone.

A must for all fantasy romance fans and an intoxicating love story that gets under your skin.Scroll through the book

Why I like the novel:

Finally the time has come! Stephenie Meyer sets hers with "Biss zur Midnight Sun" RomantasySeries that has delighted millions of fantasy lovers around the world. After all these years you learn how the well-known love story developed from Edward's perspective. With the first few pages you are part of the world of Bella and Edward again.

Stephenie Meyer Bite to the midnight sun ISBN 978-3-551-58446-5, 848 pages, € 28.00, Carlsen Verlag. Order from Graff

Sometimes you only realize late that the heart wants something different