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What types of tattoos are suitable for tattoo removal?

Basically all forms of tattooing are suitable, so the so-called "professional tattoo", the amateur tattoo and the cosmetic tattoo ("permanent make-up"). They can be removed easily and with little risk through laser treatment in several sessions.

The advantages of tattoo removal with the laser

With our neodymium-YAG laser, v. a. Remove black and blue tattoos excellently and with almost no risk of scarring.

The pain of the laser treatment is low to bearable, depending on the area and color density (comparable small, hot splashes of fat). Local anesthesia is not required.

possible side effects

The laser treatment initially results in very superficial small bleeding, which later dries up and crusts (comparable to the tattoo procedure). These small crusts of blood fall off on their own after a few days. Follow-up treatment is carried out with a disinfecting ointment. Sometimes the skin remains reddened for a few weeks.

After the treatment, the treated areas should be protected from sunlight, e.g. B. with a sunscreen with a factor of 30.

Possible risks

In rare cases, after a tattoo has been removed, there may be a slight but permanent lightening (hypopigmentation) of the treated area. Usually, however, this skin lightening, which is usually barely visible, is gladly accepted by the patient. That being said, the risk of visible scars is extremely low.

When is tattoo removal not possible?

Individual tattoo dyes (especially permanent make-up) rarely react to laser treatment with a color change (e.g. black to green or brown) instead of lightening. On request, a trial treatment of a small area can be carried out beforehand in individual cases.

Treatment process

The removal of tattoos in a single session is only possible for very superficial amateur tattoos.

A Amateur tattoo needed until it disappears or until it is lightened by 95% with our laser system 1 to 6 Meetings.

Professional tattoos or tattoos that are very dense usually need 4 to 10 Meetings.

Between the individual sessions, which should take place every 6 weeks, the dye molecules broken up by the laser beam are broken down and transported away by the body. This means that in the weeks after the treatment, the tattoo color will fade continuously.

Laser tattoo removal generally does not require any special skin preparation. Treatment can therefore usually be carried out immediately once the decision has been made. The treatment is painless to bearable (comparable to burning small stitches) and does not require local anesthesia. The treatment time is around 15 minutes (varies depending on the extent of the tattoo).

What does tattoo removal cost?

The cost of a session depends on the size of the tattoo and should therefore be determined individually. Expect € 40-120 per session.

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