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Aerial yoga is a creative training technique inspired by yoga and pilates. The principle is to transfer postures and movements from these holistic practices into a floating loop of fabric. Valerie Inertie arranges a unique aerial yoga program for you, with which you can develop a deeper body awareness and a stronger inner balance. The intensity and difficulty of the exercises can be adapted to all levels.

1 day
90 min - Introduction to air pilates
90 min - Introduction to Aerial Yoga

This workshop is aimed at participants of all levels and does not require any prior knowledge. Valerie guides you through the basic postures and movements that form the basis of Air Yogalates. Regardless of your skill level, you will enjoy the relaxing suspension positions and benefit from the strengthening exercises in this practice.

2 day
90 min - all about air cocoon
90 min - Everything about handstands & leg flexibility

In this workshop we examine different positions and body movements while being completely supported and enveloped by a loop of fabric. After this pleasant feeling of weightlessness, Valerie guides you through a series of exercises designed to help you develop your handstand skills and leg flexibility.

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Single room


Classic Large€ 530 per person
Loft Garden / Harbor€ 570 per person

Double room


Classic Large€ 430 per person
Loft Garden / Harbor€ 470 per person

Participation without an overnight stay

including all-day use of our bathhouse & dinner in the James Farmhouse on December 1st. & 02.12.20
€ 260 per person

Reservations by mail to: [email protected]

The retreat is suitable for both beginners and advanced students.

About Valerie Inertie
Valerie Inertie has honed her teaching skills and understanding of the musculoskeletal system since 1996. During her long artistic career, she has explored various forms of holistic practices in order to stay strong and healthy. Between long and intense periods of performance, she found aerial yoga to be the best method to supply her body and mind with resources and to bring them back into harmony. Read more about Valerie's expertise and the benefits of Aerial Yoga at