How safe are mopeds

Safe driving with the e-scooter: tips and useful information

Regardless of whether you take part in road traffic with a vehicle or as a pedestrian: There is always a certain risk of an accident. This is also the case with e-scooters - after all, on the one hand they do not offer the driver a crumple zone, on the other hand they are almost silent and pedestrians can quickly overhear them. Accident reports show that driving an e-scooter is not safe. It happens again and again that passers-by are injured by e-scooters or drivers are overlooked by turning cars. Careful and considerate driving is all the more important for more safety in road traffic.

Accident statistics for e-scooters are not yet available

In the cities that have officially allowed e-scooters since 2018, more accidents with the trendy scooters are registered, but accident statistics are not yet available. How safe or dangerous the electric scooters actually are can currently only be assessed on the basis of estimates and individual examples. Head injuries are most commonly recorded in the United States.

What are the risks of driving an e-scooter?

According to reports from other countries, pedestrians in particular are sometimes affected by accidents with e-scooter drivers. According to the Small Electric Vehicle Ordinance, e-scooters may not be used on sidewalks.

Nevertheless, it will happen that a passer-by will cross the path of an e-scooter because he has not heard or seen it. At speeds of up to 20 km / h, injuries can result if the pedestrian falls to the ground, for example. So it makes sense that the speedsters are only allowed on the road with valid insurance.

E-scooters have to use bike paths if they are available. Otherwise they have to be on the road. Sidewalks may not be used. Critics warn that the German cycle paths are not wide enough to allow e-scooters to safely overtake bicycles. If e-scooters pull out of the lane when overtaking, they could be caught by inattentive drivers.

Last but not least, falls with the e-scooter are one of the most common causes of accidents. Many drivers overestimate themselves, take turns that are too tight or try to drive the scooter over the edge of the sidewalk. Without a helmet, a fall can have serious consequences.

Not an obligation, but still recommended: the helmet

The new ordinance on road approval does not provide for a helmet to be worn by drivers of e-scooters. This is also the case abroad. In collisions with cars, e-scooter drivers can be seriously injured. Even if a helmet is not required by law, the BGV nevertheless recommends that drivers wear a helmet in the interests of their own safety.

Note the required equipment

The prerequisite for using your e-scooter in traffic is a nameplate that identifies it as an approved "e-small vehicle". The e-scooter must have two brakes, a bell / bell as well as headlights, tail lights, rear reflectors and side reflectors. This minimum equipment ensures that you can make yourself noticeable to other road users through acoustic or visual signals and reduces the risk of being overheard or overlooked. When buying an e-scooter, be sure to pay attention to these requirements, otherwise it cannot be approved.

Careful and attentive driving style

What applies to cyclists also applies to e-scooter drivers: Better to look around once too much than once too little before driving. Even if the driver of an e-scooter has done everything right, he usually bears the greater damage in a collision with a car. So always make yourself aware that you can hardly be heard on the e-scooter and may only be seen late. Careful driving increases your own safety and that of other road users.

Do not ride the e-scooter in pairs

It actually goes without saying: A motorized scooter only offers space for one driver. Nevertheless, it often happens that two people - despite the ban - use an e-scooter at the same time. This poses a challenge to the rider's ability to balance and makes the scooter slower and less manoeuvrable due to the additional weight. This makes it more difficult to avoid obstacles. Dangerous fun that isn't worth the risk.

With the right insurance coverage on the go

Should something happen, you are well covered with the BGV's e-scooter insurance. This means you are on the safe side in the event of damage - in the event of damage to third-party vehicles, valuables or personal injury from your e-scooter.