How are JanSport backpacks designed and manufactured

Jansport backpack

Jansport Backpack Superbreak

The Jansport Backpack Superbreak is a good all-rounder. It combines the structure of a typical daypack with the quality of a Jansport backpack. The backpack has a volume of 25 liters, which is enough to easily accommodate everyday items.

The volume is comparable to that of a normal-sized school satchel. Therefore, the Jansport Superbreak backpack is also ideal for schoolchildren. The product dimensions are 33cm x 21cm x 42cm and with its 363 grams it is one of the lightweights.

The Jansport Backpack Superbreak has a large main compartment in which you can store all the important things. There is more than enough space for exercise books, pads and books. For all the little things, the backpack has another compartment on the front that can be opened and closed with a zipper. There is an integrated organizer in the smaller front compartment so that you don't have to search for pens.

The Jansport Backpack Superbreak is made entirely of polyester. Therefore it is very robust, even if it is very heavily packed. It is also very easy to clean because you can quickly wipe it with a wet cloth or wash it in the washing machine if it is heavily soiled. The padded straps and the padded back not only provide the necessary comfort, but also have the side effect of improved air circulation. This backpack comes with a 30-year guarantee, so you are always on the safe side.



  • Size: 22 x 21 x 42 cm
  • Weight: 363 grams
  • Volume: 25 liters
  • large main compartment
  • Front compartment with zip
  • available in 9 different colors
  • Advantages:
  • large volume
  • padded straps
  • padded back
  • low dead weight
  • small extra compartment for utensils such as pens


The Jansport Backpack Superbreak is a good all-rounder and ideally suited as a leisure or school backpack.


Jansport Backpack Right Pack Originals

The Right Pack Originals backpack has a large volume of 31 liters. That's enough to get all the things you need for a weekend getaway.

You can safely stow your notebook up to a size of 15 inches in the integrated laptop compartment. This makes the backpack ideal for university or the office. The Right Pack rucksack naturally also has a large main compartment that is closed with a zipper. There is also a front compartment that contains the obligatory organizer for pens and other small items and can also be closed with a zipper.

With its dimensions of 34cm x 21cm x 46cm and a weight of 599 grams, it fits wonderfully on every back without looking clunky. The Jansport backpack is made of Cordura fabric with a leather base. Cordura is a fabric made of polyamide (nylon). It has the advantage of drying quickly, it is abrasion-resistant and, above all, weatherproof, as water simply rolls off the Cordura fabric.

The padded shoulder straps and the padded back offer maximum comfort even on longer journeys.




  • Size: 34 x 21 x 46 cm
  • Weight: 599 grams
  • Volume: 31 liters
  • Large main compartment with laptop compartment
  • 2 front compartments with zip
  • available in 5 different colors


  • Water-repellent thanks to Cordura fabric
  • sturdy bottom made of leather
  • integrated 15 inch notebook bag
  • high volume - 31 liters
  • 30 year guarantee


The Right Pack backpack is a very robust backpack for all weather conditions. Anyone who travels a lot, especially with a notebook, will be satisfied with this backpack.


Our top 3 Jansport backpacks


    • spacious main compartment; Front compartment with zipper; padded shoulder straps; padded back area
    • large main compartment with laptop compartment for 15 inch laptop; Front compartment with organizer, small front compartment for pens and small utensils; padded back area and padded shoulder straps
    • two large main compartments for storing A4 files or large books; Front compartment with organizer; two additional front compartments with zippers for small items; side mesh pocket; padded shoulder straps and padded back area


    Jansport school backpack Big Student

    The Big Student backpack from Jansport has an incredible 34 liters total volume. The backpack lives up to its name. It was specially designed for school and university. You notice that immediately if you take a closer look at the backpack.

    On the one hand, there are the two large main compartments, in which there is even space for A4 size folders. Of course, you can also transport several notebooks, pads or other things in it. In addition, there is a compartment with a zipper on the front, which has an integrated organizer so that pens and co. Do not fly wildly through the backpack. Two further small compartments, which can be closed with a zipper, complete the overall concept.

    Any leaking water bottles are no longer a problem with this backpack, as it has a mesh pocket on the side in which drinks bottles can be safely stored. Since the padded shoulder straps were designed in an ergonomic S-curve design, even a fully packed backpack will not cause any problems when carrying.

    The product dimensions of the Big Student backpack are 33cm x 25cm x 44cm with a weight of 590 grams.



    • Size: 33 x 25 x 44 cm
    • Weight: 500 grams
    • Volume: 34 liters
    • 2 side mesh pockets
    • 2 large main compartments
    • Organizer compartment + key ring
    • 3 front compartments with zip


    • large volume - 34 liters
    • Mesh pocket for drinking bottle
    • Comfortable shoulder pads in S-line design
    • padded back
    • many compartments with large storage space


    The big backpack Big Student is the perfect companion for all pupils and students who have a lot to stow away.


    Jansport backpack Hauler

    The Hauler rucksack from Jansport measures 33cm x 22cm x 48cm and weighs 599 grams.

    This makes it not exactly a lightweight among backpacks, but it makes up for it with its enormous comfort. The padded back and the ergonomically shaped shoulder straps with the patented "Air-Flex" system not only ensure optimal weight distribution, but also balanced air circulation in the shoulder, chest and back area.

    With its total volume of 33 liters, the Hauler backpack has plenty of storage space. This is divided into two large main compartments in which larger folders also fit, a 15 inch laptop compartment, a front pocket with an organizer for writing utensils, another front pocket with zipper, two smaller zippered compartments on the side and an extra inner compartment for valuables. Thanks to its reinforced base, it is very dimensionally stable even under heavy loads.



    • Size: 33 x 22 x 48 cm
    • Weight: 599 grams
    • Volume: 33 liters
    • Laptop compartment for 15 inch laptop
    • Front pocket with organizer
    • 2 side pockets with zip


    • large 33 liter volume
    • ergonomic "Air-Flex" straps
    • reinforced bottom made of waterproof material
    • extra inner compartment for valuables
    • many small pockets for stowing


    The Hauler backpack is a good everyday backpack with a lot of storage space and top-class comfort.



    Questions and answers about the Jansport backpack


    What should you watch out for when buying a Jansport backpack?

    As with any other backpack, you have to think about what you actually need the backpack for. How big should the Jansport backpack be? What kind of dead weight can it have? How many compartments are required for storage? Are you looking for a backpack for leisure or for traveling? There is a suitable Jansport backpack for everything. Also pay attention to the different materials that are used. If you travel a lot, a Jansport backpack made of water-repellent material might be suitable for you.


    Who is the Jansport backpack suitable for?

    The Jansport backpack is suitable for everyone who values ​​quality. If you are looking for a backpack that will accompany you faithfully and that will not let you down after the first few weeks, then you are at the right place at Jansport. Regardless of whether you are looking for a simple daypack or a travel backpack, you are sure to find the right companion for you. Backpacks from Jansport are available in countless variants and designs.


    How robust is the Jansport backpack?

    Backpacks from Jansport are very robust. Basically, there is a 30-year guarantee on all Jansport backpacks. With this you can be sure that you are getting a product of really high quality. Many of the backpacks are also equipped with a reinforced base.


    What does the inner workings of the Jansport backpack offer you?

    Jansport backpacks are available in many designs for different purposes. All have been optimally adapted to the respective purpose. School backpacks, for example, have one or two large main compartments and a smaller compartment with an integrated organizer. Daypacks, on the other hand, only have a single large main compartment in which all important things have to be accommodated. Backpacks for university or for the office are usually also equipped with a large laptop compartment.


    How do I pack my Jansport backpack correctly?

    The most important thing is always not to overpack your backpack. The guideline is not to carry more weight on the back than 20 percent of the weight of the person carrying the backpack. Of course, this differs from person to person. The way in which you put your things in the backpack is also important. The center of gravity of the backpack should be as close to your back as possible, so large and heavy items go into the large compartments first. Outwardly, things should then become smaller and lighter. So you don't run the risk of accidentally losing your balance.


    How do I clean my Jansport backpack?

    With the longevity of Jansport backpacks in particular, one or two stains are sure to be a hit. But what is the best way to clean the backpack? First of all, it should be said that backpacks made entirely or partially of leather should not be washed in the washing machine. If the care label allows it, the Jansport backpack can be machine washed. This is usually the case with all fabric backpacks.

    Impregnated backpacks should be washed with a special detergent for impregnated items, otherwise the impregnation will be lost. Also, always make sure to close all zippers before washing so that the metal parts are not damaged. A laundry net provides additional protection for your Jansport backpack.