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10 exciting tea facts

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Whether for breakfast, during the day, when meeting friends or during important business negotiations, tea is usually included. Therefore, we are happy to present you a few tea facts with which you can make an impression the next time you enjoy tea. 🙂

1. Around 5.4 million tons of tea are harvested around the world every year. China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Indonesia account for the largest share.

2. In Germany, 28 liters of tea are drunk per person per year.

3. The East Frisians drink almost 300 liters of tea per person and year and are even world champions.

The East Frisian "Teetied" reflects a tradition that is lived and celebrated every day. East Frisian tea blends are preferably a little stronger and are enjoyed with cream and rock candy.

4. In 2016 India was the top tea supplier for the German market with 14,649 tons.

Especially the Indian teas from the highlands (approx. 1100-2700m above sea level) are known for their excellent quality. A classic is tea from the Darjeeling highland growing area. Due to the altitude, the tea in Darjeeling is harvested by hand and carefully processed.

5. Black tea is preferred in Germany. The ratio between green and black tea is 28% to 72%.

6. Loose tea is preferred in Germany. Currently around 60% loose tea is used in the preparation of tea.

7. Over the past 100 years, tea production has increased more than tenfold worldwide.

8. Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water.

9. China produces the most green tea in the world. India, on the other hand, is number 1 for the production of black tea.

The Chinese tea is characterized by its fine aroma and careful processing. In China, people prefer to drink green tea. The tea is usually enjoyed without sugar and milk, which is why aromatic and flavored teas are popular.

Indian black tea mostly comes from the highland growing area Darjeeling or the lowland growing area Assam. While teas from Darjeeling are known for their lovely note and particularly favorable climatic growing conditions, teas from Assam are characterized by a strong and spicy taste.

10. Ceylon tea comes from Sri Lanka, since the island state was called Ceylon until 1972.

Ceylon tea is well known. Since Ceylon tea was already world-famous in 1972, the name for the tea was not changed. Ceylon teas are often a component of English tea blends.
In general, Ceylon tea grown in the highlands benefits from favorable climatic conditions, which means that the harvest can take place all year round. Ceylon teas have a light and spicy taste.

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Source: German Tea Association e.V.