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At what age should I get my child baptized?
Most parents have their child baptized in the first year of life. This emphasizes that baptism is God's gift and unconditional promise to us. In the background there is often the wish of the parents that their child is protected, loved and blessed by God.
Aren't unbaptized children loved by God?
God's love is for all children and all people! Be baptized or unbaptized. As human beings, however, it strengthens and helps us when we receive a sign of God's love and mercy. We need such a sign and word of God's love and mercy! This gives us hope and awakens our faith in God. Baptism is this sign that every baptized person can give support and security in his or her life.
Wouldn't it be better then to let my child decide for themselves later?
Sometimes parents choose not to have their child baptized. They often justify it by saying that they do not want to patronize their child. It should decide for itself later. But even with this, the parents have already decided in favor of their child and patronized it! You chose not to baptize it. With the decision to be baptized as well as with the decision against the baptism of their child, the parents dispose of their child. In both cases, the question arises as to which path the parents see as the best for their child.
I have decided to get my child baptized, what should I do?
Contact the responsible parish office in your parish. Tell them there that you want to have your child baptized. From then on, the pastor of her parish accompanies her on the way to the baptism of her child. He / She will make an appointment with them for the baptism and the baptismal talk. In the baptismal conversation, all questions and formalities are then clarified.
I have chosen not to have my child baptized, what should I do?
If you want your child to decide for themselves later on whether to be baptized, help them make this decision responsibly.

Tell him about the Christian faith, read to him from children's Bibles and say prayers with him. Help him grow into the faith. Make it possible for your child to attend the parish events for children such as crawling services, children's church or young crowd. Register them for Protestant religious instruction. This - like attending church events - is also possible without baptism or church membership.

Can I be baptized as an adult?
Yes. If you have not been baptized as a child, you can be baptized as an adult. Simply contact the rectory in your parish.


I would like to be baptized again. Is the?
No. The baptism is unique and cannot be repeated. Because with baptism God promised the person to be baptized his love and mercy once and for all. This promise does not become obsolete, it is valid forever. Therefore, even when converting to the Protestant Church, the baptism of other Christian denominations (e.g. Roman Catholic, Orthodox) is recognized.


What is Emergency Baptism?
If an unbaptized person, especially a newborn child, is seriously ill and threatens to die and a pastor can no longer be called, every Christian is allowed to baptize. The prerequisite is the consent of the sick person or the legal guardian.


We are of different denominations. Is there also an ecumenical baptism?
No. With baptism one is accepted into a concrete community at the same time. I. E. you have to think about beforehand whether your child should belong to the Protestant or the Catholic Church, for example. Once you have made up your mind, ask the respective parish office about a baptism date and a baptismal interview.


Can I baptize my child when both parents are absent from Church?
The decision as to whether a child is baptized even though both parents are not in the church is made by the responsible local church. But it is by no means excluded.


We are divorced and we disagree about baptism. Can I have my child baptized against the other parent's will?
The child's custodian decides whether the child will be baptized or not. If both parents have custody, a baptism is only possible if both of them agree. The baptism of a child against the will of one or both custodians is not permitted. If both parents cannot come to an agreement, the family court can be called upon to make a decision. But it is much better for the child and the parents if both agree beforehand. Education and family counseling centers as well as a clarifying discussion about the baptism with the responsible parish office can help.


Is it possible to have our child baptized and at the same time to be ecclesiastically married?
A church wedding combined with the baptism of your child is possible. In any case, she should contact her responsible parish office in good time.


What documents do we need for our child's baptism?
You definitely need: The birth certificate of your child, on the back of which the baptism will be certified by the parish office, as well as sponsorship certificates for your sponsors. Every sponsor must request this certificate from his or her parish office. You can get more information from your parish office when you arrange a baptism date.


Who can become a godparent?
All baptized Christians who belong to one of the churches of the Working Group of Christian Churches (ACK) can become sponsors. If your child is baptized into the Evangelical Church, one of these sponsors must be Evangelical. Anyone who is at least 14 years old, is baptized and confirmed and belongs to the Protestant Church can become a Protestant sponsor. Anyone who has left the church, does not belong to any church or has a different faith cannot become a godfather. Because it is the task of the godparents to help the child to grow into the Christian faith and the Christian community. But of course you can attend the service and witness the baptism.


When does the sponsorship office end?
In the Protestant church, the sponsorship office ends formally with the confirmation of the person to be baptized.


Can I release someone from the sponsorship office?
The sponsor can be released from the sponsorship office at his or her own request. However, childbirth is not possible against the will of the sponsor. If there are later conflicts with your sponsor, please seek a clarifying discussion. Your local parish office may also be able to help.