Is tickling legal in the UFC

10 questions to ask an MMA fighter you would never dare ask

Do you look forward to a win if your opponent is in the hospital afterwards?
You can always look forward to victory. But not about the injuries. I've seen a lot of fights, but I've never seen anyone happy because an opponent is badly injured on the ground.

How does a K.O. at?
You don't get much of that. It gets dark, then you wake up and have partial amnesia. When I was knocked out for the first time left, I asked the referee if I had won. I just didn't know what happened. I saw that in the video afterwards - I was missing my cover, I ran into the opponent's fist. I've seen fighters after a knockout have asked when it will finally start.

Do you fight better when you are aggressive?
I believe that we humans, regardless of social status, gender, origin, have been endowed with aggression by nature. If we cannot act out this aggression, for example through sport, it can lead to problems. Some people get into the cage very excited, baring their teeth and roaring. There are people that this helps. I am not one of them. Our fights last three times five minutes if they are not title fights. That's a long time. Even when you're well trained, being angry all the time is super stressful. If someone goes through this for two minutes, they're so exhausted afterwards that I don't have to hit much anymore. You can then blow it over. Blind, uncontrolled aggression by the opponent makes the fight easier for me.

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